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Completely free TikTok content analysis in addition to 12 other social networks

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Easy way to know how to make your posts better than ever

Popsters helps to compare and measure efficiency of posts of any page that you are interested in

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Check popularity of different posts

Analyze what type of posts attract the audience. Sort posts by popularity, text length, engagement, date or any other attribute.

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Monitor performance indicators

Look at the total data and an average efficiency of posts published at the different time with different hashtags or attachments. Check statistics of page activity and dynamics.

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Compare everything you want

Analyze pages of different companies from different social media, load data about hashtags or start batch load to see all the data at once

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Generate quick reports

Export data from Popsters to any file you want: XLSX, PDF, PNG, JPG, CSV or PPTX with possibility to edit data and styles

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Make your work more efficient

Use Popsters to improve your experience and to make really cool posts and ads.


Low prices for fast and convenient tool that helps to thousands users save time and make their job easier

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  • 7 days for test
  • 10 analyzes in trial
  • 15 posts in favorites
  • For 1 social network
  • Unlimited count of analyzes of any interested pages
  • Reports generating

Look at a short explainer video about Popsters

Cartoon story about one of the cases of using Popsters at work.

12 social networks for analyzing in one place

Don't need to have a big count of different tools and windows for work. Log In using interested social media and analyze it all at one window in the same feed, graphs and charts

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