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Artificial Intelligence and Content: Generative Videos, Realistic Avatars, and AI Photoshoots

Certainly, one of the most significant phenomena and breakthroughs of 2023 is the widespread integration of artificial intelligence. Based on the analysis of big data, user query frequencies, and assessments from leading experts, the most popular term has become "neural network."

In 2024, AI continues to gain momentum: learning algorithms are improving, the creativity of neural networks is becoming increasingly challenging to distinguish from reality, routine tasks are delegated to chatbots, and social media users actively incorporate generated content into their profiles.

Let's delve into the trends that will characterize marketing with the use of neural networks: generative videos, digital avatars, and simulated photoshoots.

What types of generative videos exist?

Video generation using artificial intelligence (AI) is a domain that encompasses various machine learning methods and generative models to produce video content. Here are several key approaches to video generation using artificial intelligence:

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs): GANs serve as a powerful tool for generating various types of content, including images and videos. In the context of video generation, GANs can be trained on video data to create new frames that align with the style or characteristics of the training dataset.

Autoencoders: These neural networks learn to compress input data into a compact representation and then reconstruct it. Applying autoencoders to videos allows for the creation of new frames or even the alteration of the style of existing ones.

Motion Synthesis: By leveraging deep learning-based methods, realistic movements can be generated for objects in videos. This may involve animating characters, altering scenarios, or creating entirely new motions.

Style Transfer: Methods that enable the alteration of video styles allow for the application of various effects and artistic approaches to the original content. This can involve transferring painting styles onto videos, creating animations in the style of a specific artist, and more.

Video Generation from Text Description: AI can also be utilized to create videos based on textual descriptions, enabling the generation of video scenarios based on textual instructions.

The application of these methods can be diverse, ranging from content creation to the enhancement of existing videos. Nevertheless, creating high-quality and realistic videos using AI remains a challenging task, and ongoing research in this field aims to improve results.

Top neural networks for video content creation

GEN-2 by Runway

«If you can imagine it, you can generate it». The exact slogan you can find in the official promotional video for Gen-2.

The Runway neural network is renowned as one of the most popular platforms for generating and processing videos using AI. With its extensive functionality, Gen-2 allows users to create videos based on text descriptions, photo references, or video references. For instance, various visual effects can be applied, objects in the frame can be removed or replaced, specific video layers can be worked on individually, subtitles can be added, and the "motion brush" tool can be used to manipulate specific areas of the image.

On the official website, there is a short tutorial video on how to write prompts (textual descriptions for the created video). The more detailed the description of objects, movements, perspectives, camera angles, the higher the quality of the desired result. For more precise task execution by the neural network, it is recommended to write prompts in English.

Users are provided with 105 trial seconds to generate their initial videos, after which a paid subscription is required to continue using the neural network.

Pika 1.0 AI Video Generator

Pika is a video generation tool introduced by the startup Pika Labs in November 2023. Its primary tenet is to "empower everyone to become the director of their own story and awaken the creator in each of us." The functionality aligns with other neural networks, generating videos based on text, pre-existing images, and video sequences. However, Pika introduces some innovative features:

Video-to-Video: Transformation of existing videos by adding objects, characters, and applying a new style (e.g., 3D animation, comics, anime).

Change: Editing characters, individual clothing elements, and the character's surroundings.

Expand: Adjusting the aspect ratio of the video.

Extend: Increasing the length of the video.

Access to the video editor can be obtained via the Discord platform or through Pika.art (currently in a waiting list phase). Pika aims to provide a creative outlet for users to craft unique and personalized video content, fostering a sense of directorial control over their narratives.


Wisecut is an innovative artificial intelligence-based software designed for video editing. During the video editing process, the neural network recognizes voice tracks, automatically generates smooth transitions, and adds subtitles. Wisecut's editor also features the capability to automatically select background music and adjust its volume. For YouTube channel owners, it serves as an effective tool for creating high-quality videos ready for publication.

Wisecut offers several subscription plans:

Free Plan: Provides users with access to specific features but with limited video resolution, file size, and storage capacity.

Starter Plan ($10 per month): Offers more advanced features and expanded capabilities for working with videos.

Professional Plan ($29 per month): Includes even more features and higher video quality.

Detailed information about the plans, their descriptions, and pricing can be found on the official website. Wisecut aims to cater to a range of user needs, providing flexible options for video editing based on individual preferences and requirements.

Chat GPT

One of the most recognizable and versatile neural networks today is ChatGPT. In addition to searching for answers to various queries, writing scripts, and content plans, on the ChatGPT platform, when coupled with the Synthesia service, it becomes possible to create video scripts. We will delve into this topic in more detail in the next section.

Digital avatars

In the near future, digital avatars, powered by advanced AI tools, will be utilized to create interactive, engaging, and informative content. The primary focus is on reducing content creation costs for advertising campaigns by replacing a real person in a video with their digital avatar.

Taking Synthesia as an example, let's analyze the process of digitizing personality today. Synthesia stands out as an advanced service for generating text-to-video, avatar creation, and audio accompaniment. Users can either create their own avatar or choose from ready-made options suggested by the neural network. Opting for a personalized digital version requires recording oneself on a green screen. This allows the AI to study facial expressions, movements, and behavioral nuances to craft a more realistic representation.

The official website of the service showcases the key features of the video generator in conjunction with ChatGPT, which collectively accelerate the video creation process.

This involves avatars and pre-designed video templates offered by the neural network, the generation of voiceovers from text without the need for professional equipment, and the elimination of language barriers due to a vast language base and various accent variations. The primary stages of video generation with a digital avatar are as follows:

  1. Registration and Login: Users register and log into the system.

  2. Script Generation: Generate a script by clicking on "new video," moving to the "create script" section, and filling in mandatory fields: theme, purpose, target audience, and tone.

  3. Automatic Script Segmentation: After script creation, the editor automatically divides it into different scenes, transitioning from technical aspects to more creative elements.

  4. Selecting a Host: Users choose a host for their video, specifying age group, ethnic background, profession, and other parameters.

  5. Voice Addition: Add voice by selecting the desired voice in the script field. The generator then automatically creates a voiceover in the specified language with certain intonations.

  6. Visual Effects: Besides the avatar and voiceover, users can incorporate supplementary materials such as text icons, images, diagrams, bullet points, and screen recordings to enhance material presentation.

  7. Video Completion: Finalize the video creation process.

These steps outline the seamless process of utilizing digital avatars and AI-driven tools for efficient and creative video content production.

AI photo sessions

In addition to the trending video content created with neural networks, AI-generated photo sessions are gaining popularity. Now, to creatively present a post, publication, or advertisement, all it takes is to capture a few photos showcasing a face or the desired object prominently. The AI then takes over, bringing a fresh perspective by reimagining individuals and objects in the photo, applying unique and interesting styles, adding details, and enhancing overall visual appeal.

Not only individual users but also brands actively embrace these trends. For instance, during the fall, the Loopsie app, which utilizes AI to create anime-style photos, surged in popularity. Many influencers and companies integrated such AI-enhanced photo sessions into their social media, receiving positive responses from their audiences. For example, the SMSTRETCHING studio experimented with conveying the aesthetics of their team and conducted sessions using such applications.

Research: Future Marketing and the Use of Neural Networks

Recently, experts from the Gartner Marketing Symposium shared their research on trends and future forecasts in marketing. Here are some intriguing assumptions:

Integration of AI into Everyday Marketing

The use of AI in marketing will facilitate the rapid development of more creative variations for hyper-targeted, personalized experiences. Managing this will increase marketing directors' expenditures on agencies and internal creative talents towards more strategic creative initiatives.

Content Authenticity

By 2026, 60% of marketing directors will implement measures such as content authenticity technology, expanded monitoring, and brand-approved user-generated content to protect their brands from widespread deception enabled by GenAI.

Organizations must focus on content authenticity and establish principles for responsible GenAI use to safeguard their brands. The absence of clear norms and standards necessitates transparency and trust mechanisms. This encourages brands to set clear rules for their suppliers and agency partners, actively incorporating content authenticity into their technologies.

Artificial Intelligence Overtaking Google Search

The proliferation of GenAI in search engines will lead to a significant reduction in traditional search traffic for brands, as users directly receive answers from artificial intelligence.

Marketing directors need to be prepared for changes in revenue and customer acquisition by reallocating investments across different channels and focusing on keywords to boost conversion. They may also consider exploring alternative communication channels.

These predictions emphasize the transformative impact of AI on the marketing landscape, urging marketing leaders to adapt strategies and embrace new approaches in response to the evolving technological landscape.

How about the human factor?

Today, with the help of neural networks, it's possible to create content that nobody could have imagined just a couple of years ago. Expert videos with digital avatars, the generation of images and videos, script and presentation creation, campaign planning within minutes, and much more.

Despite all the features and trends, it's essential not to forget about the human and their unique experience. No matter how neural networks are trained and advanced, they cannot fully replace a human. However, by combining efforts, there are high chances of increasing competitiveness in the modern digitalized landscape.


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