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The Festive Sales Atmosphere: Unveiling the Mechanics of New Year Marketing in 2023

The holiday season, arguably one of the most opportune periods for sales and impactful advertising campaigns, unfolds in a festive symphony. From the onset of December, brands seamlessly integrate into the universal celebratory spirit, orchestrating themed promotions, engaging in collaborations, generously bestowing gifts, and experiencing a several-fold increase in their customer base. A well-crafted strategy tailored to the pre-holiday days emerges as an indispensable tool, a time-tested approach consistently employed by companies over the years.

We are curating for you the latest and most pertinent ideas, along with real-world examples of their implementation in the departing year.

Getting on buyers' wish-lists

New Year gifts are something that consumers approach with utmost care and consideration. Attention to every detail, an unconventional purchasing experience, festive presentation, and consideration of various other aspects can set a brand's product apart from the rest. What strategies are companies adopting?

One key aspect is the design of the gift packaging. Bows, ribbons, and glitter, while essential, have become standard and are frequently used elements. A more intriguing approach involves injecting creativity, perhaps expressed in a recognizable brand style but with an added festive touch. Notable examples include Innocent drink's New Year's drink bottles adorned with hand-knit caps and L'Occitane's holiday cosmetic sets.

An intriguing narrative behind the emergence and creation of a product plays a pivotal role. The society's choice of a specific company's product goes beyond its functional purpose, aesthetic appeal, and other consumer-desired attributes. Many are inherently curious about the inherent value a product carries and the process involved in its creation from inception to completion. Consumers are eager not just to gift a tangible item but also to share its story.

Limited editions and collections also contribute significantly. Seasonal goods or services available only during festive periods witness high demand. In any business sphere, products characterized by situational relevance and limited editions can become desirable due to the exclusivity they offer. For instance, Starbucks annually introduces limited-edition drinks served in festive signature cups or adorned with edible decorations. The seasonal menu is available for a limited time, creating a sense of exclusivity and urgency.

Meanwhile, towards the end of the departing year, DIOR launched a new limited-edition collection, the Lunar New Year Makeup Collection.

Ensuring a Pleasant Interaction. Customer service is a crucial component of successful sales, especially during the holiday season. This includes the quality of the product, the speed of delivery, the receipt of intact packaging, and the fulfillment of customer expectations.

Festive Website and Social Media Design

A vital element during the pre-New Year period is the transformation of the official website, applications, and social media platforms to align with the holiday theme. Decorative Christmas trees, gingerbread figures, simulated garlands, and snowflakes—anything associated with New Year and Christmas—is incorporated to capture the spirit of the season. Such design changes enhance the chances of influencing the customer's decision to linger on the page, explore showcased products, and select something for themselves or as a gift. Ultimately, a well-thought-out design is sure to leave a lasting impression.

For the popular Moleskine brand of planners, the holiday season is not just about a visually appealing website makeover but also involves personalized selections for its visitors. Additionally, they provide a guide with gift ideas for family, friends, and colleagues. The result is a vibrant and useful experience that goes beyond aesthetics, catering to the diverse gifting needs of their audience.

Collaboration with Influencers

Today, it can be confidently stated that influencers are engines of progress. Audiences often listen to opinion leaders and are more inclined to choose products that appear on their profiles. Collaborating with influencers increases visibility among users and potential buyers, and their creative approach to presenting products during the holiday season boosts demand and adds a festive touch.

For instance, in mid-December, renowned model Kendall Jenner posted a photo on her profile wearing clothing from the Alo brand. The result was cozy and festive, and the showcased clothing ensemble seamlessly integrated into the context of authenticity and everyday life.

Special Offers = Sales Boost

One of the most effective and straightforward ways to attract customers during the holiday season is through promotions and special offers. Gifts and discounts are universally appreciated. Any small gift with a purchase, promotion, or bonus leaves a positive impression, fostering a desire to share the information with others.

Bonuses play a significant role, with many brands implementing their loyalty programs, providing specific privileges to both customers and registered users. These privileges may include discounts, invitations to exclusive events, and various other forms of incentives. During the holiday season, the level of discounts and bonuses typically doubles, motivating customers to make purchases from the brand.

Lotteries add an element of excitement. What could be better than trying one's luck and winning valuable prizes through participation in online and offline lotteries after making purchases? Companies often go the extra mile with bonuses and gifts, sometimes exceeding the initial purchase's value.

Content for the New Year Holidays

During the New Year holidays, more than ever, it is crucial to create bright and appealing content that can capture the interest of potential customers. This could involve a creative presentation of a product or service related to seasonal themes.

Games, engaging contests, and thematic quizzes—interactive elements that bring activity and increased audience engagement statistics. And if you add symbolic rewards such as discounts for participants, personalized offers, or prizes for top rankings, the response from users will likely be much greater.

Curated lists of Christmas movies, books, and music are also gaining popularity, along with articles on how to spend the festive days interestingly and beneficially. This approach prompts users to think that behind every brand and its products are diverse individuals whose advice is worth considering.

Finally, extending holiday greetings to the audience for New Year and Christmas is an integral part of festive content that won't leave users indifferent.


Holidays are always a time of magic, a special cozy family atmosphere, and significant sales. While some brands may view holiday marketing as complex and costly, the majority strive to leverage this season in their favor and increase customer influx. A well-thought-out strategy and the ability to forecast trends are the keys to effective interaction between a brand and its consumers.

Thus, if you approach the organization of holiday marketing correctly, you can maximize the benefits of this period.


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