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Exciting developments in March: from personalized AI emoji to Telegram for business.

2024 is rich in innovation. Familiar applications and social networks introduce intriguing features monthly, capturing users' attention. Platforms evolve by implementing cutting-edge technologies and considering modern trends.

We've gathered a few updates from the digital ecosystem world in March for you.

Telegram for business

Now, businesses will find it much easier to interact with users. A separate premium subscription has been introduced in the messenger, allowing users to transform their profiles into business accounts. For instance, this enables setting up "business hours," configuring automatic message delivery, or specifying the business location. The "Business Subscription" is currently included in Telegram Premium, giving all premium account owners the opportunity to test out the new features.

  • In the "Greetings" section, you can set up automatic message sending to new customers: selecting the recipient group ("all personal chats except," "only selected chats"), and the frequency of sending.
  • The "Away Status" is part of the new functionality. During their offline time, account owners can automatically send previously written messages and provide information about their status to a list of recipients.
  • "Quick Replies" are templates that can be sent to customers based on a specified command. For example, typing /price will provide information about the prices of your products or services. Formatting, media files, and emojis are supported.
  • One of the most convenient sections is "Business Hours." You can set them for all seven days of the week in the desired time zone and time frame. When users visit the profile, they can see whether the business account is "open" or "closed" at a specific time. This feature can also be useful not only for businesses but also for users who work on a fixed schedule.
  • "The address" is an optional element that provides additional information about the business location.

Other features include setting emoji statuses, posting stories, or customizing color tags for chats.

WhatsApp: Interconnected Messaging Ecosystems

Since February, WhatsApp has announced a series of changes and a rethinking of approaches to ensuring the security and privacy of user data.

WhatsApp's Technical Director, Dick Brower, shared perspectives on interacting with other platforms and integrations in an interview with Wired. These integrations will begin with the ability to exchange voice and text messages, photos, videos, and files directly with users of other messengers. Provided that security protocols are accepted and adhered to, seamless communication will be available on platforms such as Telegram, Signal, Google Messages, and others.

The integration of WhatsApp with other messengers marks a new stage in the development of digital communications, aiming to ensure security, privacy, and convenience for users. Currently, the implementation is limited to European Union countries, but there are plans for broader coverage in the future.

Instagram's Marketplace: Uniting Brands and Creators

Instagram has announced the expansion of its marketplace tools to facilitate collaboration between digital content creators and brands. Among the new markets gaining access to the updated functionality are Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Japan, India, and Brazil.
Within the Meta-owned marketplace, machine learning algorithms are leveraged to facilitate matching brands with suitable creators for specific marketing campaigns. Companies can utilize manual search features and apply filters based on creator categories, audience demographics, and advertising experience to tailor their search criteria and refine results. On the other hand, content creators will have visibility into all inquiries and conversations with brands initiated through the marketplace, accessible through a dedicated folder called "Partnership Messages" in Instagram.
Meta also added that the platform will become available to brands in the specified eight countries and will also invite Chinese export brands to collaborate with content creators outside of China.

AI Emojis: Personalization in the Network

Artificial intelligence continues to gain momentum and is being integrated into several familiar platforms. App developers are also embracing the widespread trend of using neural networks. For instance, the Emojifyer app offers an innovative way to personalize users in the network.

By using AI to transform selfies into emojis, users can add accents and details, creatively approaching the creation of their digital counterparts. Whether for entertainment or as a profile picture, Emojifyer allows people to create their digital avatars in a playful and creative manner. This carefree tool underscores the evolving nature of online engagement, as people seek new ways of self-expression and interaction in digital spaces. Emojifyer reflects the growing trend of personalization in online communication, highlighting users' desire for individuality and creativity.


Expansion of the Snapchat and Spotify Partnership

Spotify and Snapchat have announced the expansion of their partnership with the launch of "Share Track Lens." This feature allows users to share the music they are currently listening to in real-time while using Snapchat. Access to this feature is available by ensuring that users have both apps updated to the latest version. The platform instantly generates information about the track so that users can share in line with the trend of real-time experience sharing.

In a blog post discussing the "Share Track Lens" feature, Spotify stated: "Whether it's your signature song or a brand new single you can't stop playing on repeat, the music you love listening to is a part of who you are. And we know Spotify users regularly share the music they love with friends, as the number of songs shared on social platforms continues to grow each year. Now, when you share tracks from Spotify to Snapchat, you can put yourself and your friends in the spotlight."

 Anti-Loneliness Apps

A few weeks ago, information appeared on the Trendhunter website about the development of applications for introverted users. One such app is Phori.

The essence of this application lies in focusing attention not on the popularity or external parameters of its users. Based on input data about oneself, interests, preferences, and even personality type, AI determines the circle of people with whom users can primarily interact.

Users can anonymously communicate with people who share their values without revealing their identity online or offline. Phori offers a safe and comfortable space for introverts to express themselves, learn from others, and build relationships. The app also provides advice and resources to help introverts deal with loneliness, social anxiety, and self-esteem issues. Phori is more than just a chat app. It's a community of like-minded individuals who support and inspire each other.

New AR Features

Alongside the trend of personalizing emojis and avatars online, there is a growing demand for "digital clothing." Companies GUILD and The Fabricant are launching "Master Peace" - an exclusive collection featuring avant-garde 3D hats and wearable items from the augmented reality category, blending tradition with digital craftsmanship. This collaboration marks a new chapter in the fashion world, offering digital collectible items to a limited audience for now.

As the name suggests, the GUILD x The Fabricant capsule emphasizes the importance of exploring the inner world and self-acceptance. For the initial release, the brands debut with two digital variations of Guild's Sphere hats, named "Warrior of Light" and "Contemporary Knight." More wearable augmented reality devices will be announced later.


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