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How Brands Prepare for the Christmas

Christmas is a time of festive mood, gifts, family friendly atmosphere and, of course, good sales.

According to the survey in 2018, 48.59% of people do their Christmas shopping in early to mid-December.

And of course, brands adapt to customers and create a festive mood in December. We offer you to see how brands are preparing for the New Year and Christmas. Perhaps you will find interesting ideas for yourself.

Holiday design

First, it's a good idea to change the design of your landing page or the whole site. So does, for example, Macy's.

Check out how beautifully and creatively Taco Bell is doing that:

Popsters, by the way, also change the design to create a Christmas mood. In the Popsters service you will find snow, a Christmas tree, a Christmas radio and 4 new color schemes:

Some companies completely change the design of the site, some change the main page, and others, perhaps to save money and time, change only the logo. If you don't have the opportunity to work with the design, then do not lose sight of at least the logo:

By the way, social media also often use Christmas designs:

Telegram in its corporate style announces Christmas updates:

Christmas style for goods

Speaking of design, here you can not only limit yourself to the website and logo but also the product itself. This is often done by food and beverage companies.

Starbucks loves to create Christmas drinks and designs for branded cups:

KFC has a very interesting marketing ploy. Every X-mas they sell special iron buckets that are more expensive than normal buckets, but give a discount for the whole next year if you show the iron bucket when you buy it. Naturally, nobody doesn't carry an iron bucket with him all year and everyone forgets about it, but sales and revenues are growing.

Christmas drinks from Surf Coffee:

And Coca-Cola captures not only the Christmas image and packaging design but also the shelves in stores:

Secret sales and timers

Companies and their marketers know many people take their time shopping in order to snatch the best deal. In such cases, stock counters work well.

Secret Sales loves to look at the clock and make money with cunning:

Social media

37% of shoppers turn to social media for inspiration and gift ideas.

Mulberry's "12 Days of Christmas" ad campaign 5 years ago created a buzz around the holiday product line via social media.

Well, a simple congratulation on social media is the minimum that brands should do.


Influencers are a great way to expand your audience, especially around the Christmas holidays.

Pandora often uses fashion influencers to build brand awareness and provide gift ideas for its Christmas collection:

Free shipping

Customers often buy gifts from multiple locations, so online shoppers benefit from free shipping. Here, marketplaces win - there is free shipping and goods from different categories. Paid or expensive shipping is the main reason for cart abandonment.

Puma offers customers a great deal and overnight delivery:

If there is no possibility for urgent free delivery, you can use 2-day delivery. 90% of customers expect standard delivery within 2-3 days.

Buck Muson offers 2-day shipping as a motivation for customers:

Quizzes and tests

Some brands hold special quizzes and tests for which they reward customers as additional discounts and offers. This format helps to attract additional customers, increase the chance of conversion, reduce "analysis paralysis", offer personalized recommendations and collect more information about customers.

Coco Village is hosting a Christmas quiz with gift recommendations and a $10 bonus:

Christmas videos

Well, the cherry on the cake is a Christmas video commercial. The most expensive, but effective and already traditional option. The classic story of how Coca-Cola became an international Happy New Year association no longer surprises anyone, but is still an example for everyone else.

Usually the scenario for a Christmas commercial is simple: it's a story about family values, often with a sad beginning, but always with a happy ending.

The EDEKA supermarket chain perfectly shows this scheme:

A lot of brands use their popular mascots for Christmas advertising (in principle, as in any other).

The well-known collaboration between M&M's and Santa Claus, which has become a classic:

Fresh commercial by Hobby Lobby about competition and Christmas friendship:

Good gift idea for Santa is Audi car:

Even Disney posted a Christmas short:


Christmas is a time for magic, a special atmosphere and big sales. Don't ignore the most important holiday of the year, congratulate your customers, give them discounts, and of course earn money. As we can see, there are a lot of options, so take your ideas and hurry to prepare for the holidays!

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