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Social Media Analytics for Comedians

Comedians choose material and write jokes based on their experiences and observations of the world around them. They look for unusual, funny, or controversial moments in everyday life that might make the audience smile.

To be successful, comedians and all comedians benefit from social media such as YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. Here they can post their performances, humorous videos and memes to attract new viewers and increase fame.

In addition, a lot of comedians rehearse and test their jokes both in front of a live audience and on social media. It helps them understand what works and what doesn't, and tune in to the audience's reaction.

Creating material and writing jokes is a creative process that depends on each comedian's personal style and approach. However, understanding their target audience and following new trends and topics helps them stay relevant and interesting to viewers.

Why analytics is needed

Using social media analytics can help comedians improve their material, identify the most popular topics and issues that users are interested in and make it more appealing to their target audience.

Comedians can use social media analytics tools such as mention monitoring, hashtag analysis and comment analysis to gauge viewers' reactions to their own and others' content. This data can help them understand what works and what doesn't, and which topics and humorous techniques resonate best with their audiences.

In addition, social media analytics can also help comedians determine who their audience is, where they are, and what types of content they prefer. This allows comedians to create more personalized and targeted content that will be more appealing to their viewers.


Popsters is an online service for analyzing social media and monitoring your and others' accounts and followers' activity. Popsters can help you understand what kind of audience popular comedians attract, as well as identify people's most popular topics and pains.

Popsters allow you to analyze data from various social networks such as Twitter, Instagram*, YouTube, TikTok, and others. It allows you to track various metrics, such as the number of followers, likes, and comments, as well as identify the most popular topics and hastags.

Analyzing comedians

Jimmy Carrr

First on our list is the popular British comedian Jimmy Carr. Download the stats from his Instagram profile for the year (April 1, 2022-April 1, 2023):

In Popsters, in Instagram analytics, you can sort posts by likes, comments, ER (engagement) and date. We exclude popular interview videos and posters because Instagram is a platform where people firstly want to see a popular people as a person, not as an artist. We watch specific monologues, jokes and other things that interest us. From that, we draw conclusions:

The most popular topics by likes:

  • Relationships and love, role-playing in bed (personal life), and material about intimate relationships.
  • In terms of comments, materials with a lot of black humor, intimacy again, and the difficulties of being a parent (mixed with black humor) win.

Record it, remember it, move on. On Twitter, the content is mostly announcements, so let's move on to YouTube. Uploading Jimmy Carr's account information:

We see sorting by likes, reposts and ER, ERView, VR. Conclusions:

  • It's immediately apparent that the most popular format is again the roast of the audience
  • The most popular styles are crude jokes and black humor
  • The most popular topics are relationships, panic attacks and age-related problems, and advice for single men


Now let's not take an individual comedian, but the comedy community. Labelcom is the most famous comic channel in the CIS, which includes a lot of different comedians, which means a lot of different material and topics. It's what we need. uploading Labelcom's Instagram account details:

The most popular topics :

  • Cuts from shows where improvisation and grilling prevail
  • Popular topics of shows by likes: nostalgia for childhood, strange situations in bed, children's behavior
  • In addition to the above, popular videos of popular young stars roasting according to comments

Matt Rife

Matt Rife is a popular American actor and comedian. He actively promotes his social networks, so it's a good fit for us. Download Matt's Instagram account details:


  • The most popular posts are improvisation and communicating with the audience
  • Topics with the most likes: children and parents, best friends of girls and

Of course, comedians won't post their best jokes and material on social media because they want to sell them for tickets, but we can see that improv with the audience really likes people, and it works for a promotion.

Uploading data from Twitter account:

On Twitter, Matt Rife's most popular posts are tweets with jokes about current and popular things the internet and society discusses (e.g., M&M's rebranding, the Oscars, etc.), funny situations and people around (people who wear their shoes in bowling), roads in Boston, life circumstances.


As we can see, social media analytics can help not only marketers but also almost anyone who wants to develop their business, because social networks show us what people are most interested in, and therefore of value to us.

With analytics services, you can parse not only other people's profiles but also your own. By looking at an article, we can see what style of content people like (e.g., video format with improvisation and roasting). Second, a lot of topics on popular posts are the same, which means it's what people like most (relationships, parents and kids, etc.). A comedian can take his or her own experience from similar topics and make unique and interesting material that can easily hang out online.

We've only taken a few comedians as examples. But it's important to understand that every comedian and every audience has different preferences. This means that you can recruit a number of comedians similar to your style and analyze them to become better, funnier, and more popular.

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