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Corporate Merch: Why Need It, Examples

Corporate merchandise, also known as corporate merch or branded merchandise, refers to products or goods that a brand or company creates and distributes using its logo, slogan, or other elements of corporate identity. It can include various items such as t-shirts, caps, pens, mugs, badges, stickers, and more.

Corporate merch is an important marketing and branding tool that helps establish and strengthen the connection between a company and its audience, while also promoting the brand in people's everyday lives.

The importance of corporate merch for business

Corporate merch has significant importance for businesses, such as brand reinforcement and recognition. Corporate merch featuring a company's logo, slogan, or other identity elements helps increase brand recognition. When people see the logo on a t-shirt or mug, it reminds them of the company and its products or services. This strengthens brand attachment and can lead to repeat purchases or attracting new customers.

Corporate merch can serve as a means of attracting and retaining customers. Providing customers with products featuring the company's logo creates attachment and loyalty to the brand. Customers may be more inclined to choose the company's products or services when they have an emotional connection through corporate merch.

Corporate merch also plays a crucial role in motivating employees and fostering team spirit within the company. When employees wear clothing with the company's logo or use items with corporate design, it helps create a sense of belonging and pride. It also contributes to strengthening teamwork and building a shared identity.

Additionally, corporate merch can serve as an important advertising tool and brand dissemination. When people use or wear a company's merch, they become unofficial brand promoters, attracting attention from others and spreading brand recognition. This is particularly useful at events, exhibitions, or in everyday life, where merch can attract new customers and strengthen connections with existing ones.

And of course, corporate merch can also be a profitable revenue stream for companies when it comes to merch sales.

What kind of merch you can create

Companies can create a diverse range of corporate merch based on their industry, brand, and target audience. For example:

Apparel: T-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, jackets, and other clothing items featuring the company's logo or design. This can range from everyday wear to specialized apparel related to the business industry.

Accessories: Caps, hats, scarves, gloves, bags, backpacks, phone and tablet cases, keychains, and other accessories with the company's logo.

Office supplies: Pens, notebooks, pencils, calendars, diaries, stickers, bookmarks, folders, and other items that can be used in an office environment.

Drinkware and kitchenware: Mugs, cups, thermoses, glasses, plates, oven mitts, and other items related to food and beverages.

Tech gadgets: USB flash drives, power banks, headphones, USB hubs, mice, and other computer and electronic device accessories.

Souvenirs and gifts: Keychains, magnets, badges, keyrings, postcards, puzzles, plush toys, and other items that can serve as souvenirs or gifts for clients, partners, and employees.

Sports and leisure goods: T-shirts, hats, water bottles, workout bags, yoga mats, and other items related to sports and leisure activities.

Prominent brands often delight their fans and collectors with limited-edition souvenir lines released on special dates or events such as the company's anniversary. These items become not only symbols of a special moment in the brand's history but also valuable collectibles sought after by fans, collectors, and enthusiasts of exclusive and unique items.

Limited-edition souvenir collections provide opportunities for brands to showcase creativity, experiment with design, and create items that evoke emotions in their owners. This allows the brand to emphasize its individuality and uniqueness in the market.

Successful examples of merchandise

With humor from McDonald's

A good joke can uplift spirits and create a positive impression of a company. If a brand can poke fun at itself, it can significantly enhance fan loyalty. An example of such an original joke is McDonald's initiative related to the 50th anniversary of their famous burger recipe. The company released a set of scented candles that reproduced the smells of the ingredients used in the burger. When all the candles were lit, it created an atmosphere reminiscent of the scent of a fresh burger.

This approach is not only unexpected and amusing but also allows McDonald's to showcase its creativity and self-irony. This joke brings a smile to the faces of brand fans, creates a pleasant memory, and strengthens emotional attachment to the company.

Netflix capitalizing on popularity

The success of corporate merch does not always depend on its creativity alone. Sometimes, it is sufficient to release a collection at the right time when interest in a particular trend reaches its peak. Netflix demonstrated an example of such successful merch after the release of the series "Squid Game," which broke popularity records as Halloween costumes.

Merchandise ≠ just clothing

Fast-food chain KFC introduced an original product that became a real hit - a Christmas firelog, available for purchase at Walmart stores. When burned, this firelog emits an appetizing and spicy aroma as if you just brought home a fresh batch of hot chicken wings. Such a scent in the room undoubtedly triggers an irresistible desire to head to KFC and indulge in their delicious offerings.

This idea from KFC demonstrates the uniqueness and creativity of the company in creating unusual merch that can evoke positive associations and emotions among customers.

Exciting collaborations: Dodo x CyberPunk 2077

Collaborations are a powerful tool for creating unique and appealing corporate merch. Partnering between brands allows them to combine their strengths, talents, and loyal audiences to create a product that captures the attention and delight of fans of both brands.

Pizza chain "Dodo" and the game "CyberPunk 2077" joined forces for a unique collaboration, resulting in the creation of the new "Dodo 2077" pizza with a distinctive cybercola barbecue sauce. Every fan of the game who tries this pizza can taste the flavor of the future, immersing themselves in their own Night City. For the new "Dodo 2077" pizza, a limited series of vibrant boxes was created, each accompanied by a set of stickers featuring characters from the game.

Drawing attention to a cause by Heinz

Heinz introduced the Vintage Drip collection featuring unique "ketchup stains" to draw attention to the issue of sustainable clothing usage and responsible consumption. All proceeds from the sale of this collection were directed to funds assisting those suffering from hunger.

Thus, Heinz not only emphasizes the importance of preserving clothing and responsible resource management but also contributes to solving social issues.

Red Bull - from merch to sponsor

Red Bull created special merch that became popular among professional motorcyclists and extreme athletes. This merch not only serves as a visual symbol of style and belonging to the global Red Bull brand but also possesses high functionality that meets the demands of active and adrenaline-dependent athletes.

How to create an effective corporate merch?

Creating effective corporate merchandise requires careful planning and execution of several steps. Here are some key steps that will help you achieve high quality in creating corporate merch:

  1. Goal Definition: The first step is to clearly define the goals and target audience of your corporate merch. Having a clear understanding of whom you want to attract and what outcomes you expect will help you choose suitable products and designs.

  2. Don't skimp on quality: Use only high-quality materials for producing merch. This is especially important for clothing, accessories, and items that will be used for an extended period. Choose materials that will last, be comfortable, and have a pleasant feel.

  3. Appealing design: Develop an attractive design that reflects your brand identity and showcases your unique style. Consult professional designers to create logos, graphics, or emblems that effectively visualize your brand.

  4. Product variety: Offer a variety of products to cater to different preferences and needs of your audience. Consider a wide range of items such as clothing, accessories, stickers, mugs, etc., to satisfy diverse preferences and lifestyles.

  5. Thorough testing: Conduct thorough testing before launching the merchandise to ensure their quality and durability. Ensure that all products meet your standards and fulfill customer expectations.

  6. Ethical and sustainable practices: Pay attention to ethical and sustainable practices in the production and material selection for your merch. Prefer environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, and work with suppliers who adhere to high standards of social responsibility.

  7. After-sales service: Provide quality after-sales service for customers who have purchased your merch. Respond to feedback, address issues, and ensure customer satisfaction.

By combining these steps with a creative approach and attention to detail, you will be able to create high-quality corporate merch that delights your customers and helps promote your brand. Additionally, there are many companies specializing in the development and creation of corporate merchandise. If you are unsure about your company's resources, consider reaching out to professionals.

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