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How to Create Viral Posts: Fast and Easy Ways of Going Viral

How to create viral posts, fast and easy ways going viral

Viral posts have its special place in a marketer’s heart, because they solve multiple problems at once: provide free reach, increase recognition, and also bring feedback like ‘So that was your project? Cool!’

Of course, you want to make popular posts to go viral. Let’s find out how.

Why Going Viral

Posts promoting by themselves are SM marketer’s dream, and this is exactly the definition of viral content: posts making users so interested that they themselves share the information with friends.

Viral posts improve engagement – the number of likes, comments, shares. They bring new subscribers to the page and reach farther. The brand receives free mentions. If your post going viral you will get huge reach and attention of potential customers.

How to Come up with a Popular Post

Of course, there’s no algorithm for creating cool viral posts. Sometimes, even not very good content may pop, while cool and interesting content may, on the contrary, underreach – for example, due to an important event happening in the day of posting and filling the entire media space. That’s why you can never be completely sure whether the content will succeed or not.

  1. Study your audience

Monitor what’s currently popular among your subscribers. Examine not only the interest in your product but also other interests of your audience.

  1. Monitor trends

Use trends and memes to create fresh and viral content: react on newsworthy events, joke about topical things.

Be careful with memes: a good viral post can only be made on time. Don’t do it if it’s already been used by all brands.

  1. Engage the audience

Even if the post’s content is not interesting, you can still engage your subscribers: add a call to action or a question.

It doesn’t sound convincing but even calls such as ‘Like if you’re waiting for the summer’ do work: posts with such banal appeals to audience receive more likes.

Most Popular and Viral Posts

We found examples of popular posts using Popsters to analyze posts made by several brands in 2019. The posts deal with different subjects: FMCG, Retail, Services, HoReCa.

We chose Like as the popularity criterion and did the analysis based on Instagram posts.


Publication of Coca Cola, which presents an exclusive series of the taste of its drink since 1985. The subscribers liked this post and it became viral.

Sample content from Coca Cola that makes viral traffic


Understanding customer concerns and additional warranties. This publication has become popular not only because of the excellent combination of photography and text, which shows an understanding of the concerns of customers. And also confidence in the quality of their services and additional guarantees for it.

Viral Facebook post from MerryMaids


Burger King

A new Burger announcement before the holiday. Burger King made a Burger in a thematic form specifically for Halloween. It was accepted by subscribers with delight, so the post became viral.

How to make a post go viral on the example of content from Burger king

How to find popular posts by competitors

You can analyze your own industry and of course to find viral content. Pick competitor communities and load them in Popsters:

  1. Paste the page’s address in the search field;
  2. Set the date range;
  3. Click Load;
  4. The feed will show all the posts over the specified period. Sort them by various criteria: likes, comments, shares, ER. You will see what posts bring viral traffic.;
  5. The output can be exported in XLS, CSV or PDF: you will get a report with the post’s text, link to the picture, date of posting, and reaction count. 

Fast way how to find viral content on Social media


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