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How to Get More Followers on Twitter (X): Tips and Examples

The number of followers on Twitter not only reflects your popularity but also determines the influence you can have. However, gaining the hearts of new followers can be a challenging task, especially amidst such a vast number of accounts and information noise.

In this article, we will present you with a set of strategies and methods to help you expand your audience on Twitter, enhance the visibility of your profile, and make your account more appealing to potential followers.

Why are followers so important?

Followers on Twitter are a crucial element of a successful presence on this social network. Followers constitute your audience who keeps an eye on your messages and content. They express interest in your ideas, opinions, and the information you provide. This makes them your active supporters and potential advocates.

Having a greater number of followers provides you with a broader reach and impact. Your messages can reach a larger audience, making you more visible among Twitter users in general.

Followers can become your target audience for marketing, promoting products, or ideas. Their engagement and involvement can contribute to achieving your personal branding, business, or social activism goals.

Interacting with followers also fosters community building and the establishment of long-term relationships. Followers can become your advocates, share your content, and even engage with you through comments and mentions.

In short, Twitter followers play a crucial role in defining your visibility, influence, and opportunities on this platform. Increasing and maintaining their numbers is a key task for achieving success on Twitter.

Understanding your target audience

Researching and defining your audience's interests and needs

Before thinking about increasing followers on Twitter, it's essential to understand who makes up your target audience and what interests them. Here's how to do it:

  1. Analyze Existing Followers: Review the profiles of your existing followers. Pay attention to their interests, descriptions, and subscriptions.

  2. Use Analytics: The Twitter platform provides analytical tools that can help you understand which content is most popular with your audience. Study engagement, retweets, and likes data.

  3. Listen to Your Audience: Actively engage with your audience by responding to comments and messages. Ask them questions and encourage feedback. This will help you better understand their needs and interests.

  4. Research Trends: Study popular topics and hashtags related to your niche. This will help you identify relevant topics that might interest your audience.

  5. Competitive Analysis: Explore the accounts of your competitors and their audiences. Learn about the types of content and topics that are popular among your competitors' audience.

Competitors can provide valuable information about your target audience and methods to attract followers. Here's how to analyze your competitors:

  1. Study Competitors' Profiles: Investigate your competitors' accounts within your niche. Who follows them? What kind of content do they create? What methods do they use to attract followers?

  2. Comparative Audience Analysis: Compare your competitors' audience with yours. Which segments of the audience overlap? This can help you identify user groups you can attract.

  3. Pay Attention to Successful Strategies: If your competitors and similar accounts have successful methods for attracting followers, take note of them.

2023 Statistics and research

  • Currently, Twitter has 528.3 million monetizable active users per month in 2023, and it is projected to reach 652.23 million by 2028.
  • The largest demographic audience on Twitter (38.5%) falls within the age group of 25 to 34 years.
  • 59.2% of Twitter users are aged between 25 and 49 years old.

  • Worldwide, Twitter ranks 14th in popularity among social networks.
  • Twitter's user base consists of 56.4% males and 43.6% females.
  • Twitter is the most popular social network in Japan, with 64.1% of the country's population using it last year.
  • In the United States, the largest number of Twitter users is 79.6 million, accounting for approximately 16.7% of all Twitter users worldwide.
  • 96% of Twitter users in the United States access the platform monthly.

The importance of a Premium account

X Premium (Twitter Blue) is a paid subscription that offers a range of additional features and benefits for users. If you want to increase your number of followers and have an influential account, we recommend purchasing this subscription. In addition to the blue checkmark, X Premium offers features that enhance user convenience by allowing followers to customize the interface. Here are the benefits you'll get for your content:

  1. Less Advertisements: One of the primary advantages of the Twitter Blue subscription is a reduced number of ads in your feed. This significantly improves the user experience by eliminating annoying ad inserts and allows you to focus on content.
  2. Edit Sent Messages: A highly sought-after feature that allows you to edit the original post multiple times within 1 hour after publication.
  3. Enhanced Post Capabilities: You can create more informative and in-depth posts containing up to 25,000 characters, unlocking a broader creative potential.
  4. Intuitive Text Formatting: With the Twitter Blue subscription, you can make your messages expressive with bold and italic formatting.
  5. Personal Emphasis: You can highlight your best posts by adding them to the "Favorites" section on your profile to attract more attention to your content.
  6. Convenient Bookmark Management: Create an unlimited number of bookmarks and organize them into folders for easier source searching.
  7. Personalized Navigation: The ability to customize the navigation panel gives you quick access to important sections and content that interests you.
  8. Popular Articles Content: The subscription provides access to the most popular articles in your network so you can stay up-to-date on the most discussed topics.
  9. Reading Mode for Comfort: This mode ensures more comfortable reading of long threads, allowing you to concentrate on the text without unnecessary elements.
  10. Post Retraction: The ability to retract a post after sending allows you to review and edit it before it becomes accessible to other users.
  11. More Video Content: Twitter Blue subscribers can upload videos up to approximately 3 hours in length and up to 8 GB (1080p) for higher-quality and diverse content.
  12. Theme Customization: You can choose a theme that matches your style.

Creating quality and valuable content generating engaging

Creating content that captures the audience's attention and provides value is a key element in attracting followers. Here are a few examples:

  1. Burberry (Twitter: @Burberry): The Burberry brand regularly shares creative photos of its products and broadcasts its fashion shows.

  2. Elon Musk (Twitter: @elonmusk): The renowned entrepreneur and owner of the social network, Elon Musk, uses his account to post updates and news about his projects in the fields of space, electric vehicles, and social network enhancements. His tweets often serve as sources of interesting news and discussions.

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Regular Feed Updates

Frequently updating your content maintains audience interest and keeps your account active. Examples:

  1. BBC News (Twitter: @BBCNews): BBC News consistently publishes news from around the world, providing its followers with up-to-date information.

  2. NPR (Twitter: @NPR): National Public Radio (NPR) regularly updates its Twitter account with information about culture, science, and news, making it a reliable source of information.

Using Images, Videos, GIFs

The diversity of multimedia elements makes your content more appealing. Here are a few examples:

  1. National Geographic (Twitter: @NatGeo): National Geographic uses Twitter to share stunning photographs and short videos, inviting its audience into the amazing world of nature and exploration.

  2. NASA (Twitter: @NASA): NASA shares incredible images and videos about space discoveries and missions, sparking interest in space and science.

Leveraging Trends and Current Events

Incorporating current topics and events into your content helps attract the attention of new followers. Examples:

  1. Oreo (Twitter: @Oreo): Oreo often creates creative real-time tweets reflecting current events, such as film festivals or sporting events. This allows them to gain a large number of retweets in the moment.

  2. The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Twitter: @TheEllenShow): Ellen DeGeneres frequently discusses current events and trends in her tweets, making her account engaging for fans of the show.

Additional ways to promote your twitter account

Using Twitter Ads

Advertising on Twitter can be a powerful tool for expanding your audience and increasing brand recognition. Example:

  1. Airbnb (Twitter: @Airbnb): Airbnb actively utilizes Twitter ads to promote their offers and promotions. They create targeted advertising campaigns to reach a larger audience and attract new customers.

Collaborating with influential figures and partners

Collaborating with influential individuals and partners can help expand your audience and build trust in your brand. Example:

  1. Nike (Twitter: @Nike): Nike often collaborates with well-known athletes and celebrities to promote their sportswear and footwear. These collaborations attract the attention of sports fans and strengthen the brand's position.

Analysis and monitoring of results using analytic services

Analysis and monitoring of results are key elements in the successful development of a Twitter account.

For more effective data analysis and metric monitoring, you can use the Popsters service. The service provides information about the number of likes, retweets, comments, and overall activity for each tweet. Popsters also offers the ability to track the activity of competitors on Twitter and allows you to compare the results of different accounts.

Retweet and respond to tweets publicly

Interacting with other users is an important part of your activity on Twitter. Retweet interesting tweets and respond to tweets publicly to establish a connection with your audience and participate in public discussions. This contributes to increasing the visibility of your account and attracting new followers.

The Secret to Success - Viral Tweets

To sum up what was mentioned above, the best approach is to create viral tweets that will spread (not only on Twitter but also on other social networks) and promote your profile.

For example, the brand Wendy's initiated a "Twitter battle" with McDonald's on the topic of the best burgers. Their witty and humorous exchange of words attracted the attention of numerous users. Wendy's often engages in playful banter with competitors on Twitter.

Important events such as outstanding sports moments, award ceremonies, political debates, or natural disasters can serve as triggers for viral tweets. For instance, the famous "Oscar Selfie" during the Oscar ceremony in 2014 became the most retweeted at that time.

Sometimes, simple jokes and wordplay can go viral. For example, the popular account @dog_rates, which rates dog photos, often posts witty comments and dog pictures.

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