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How to Get Verified on TikTok in 2024: Proven Tips and Tricks

Verification on TikTok is the process through which your account receives an official checkmark badge (verification sign) next to your username. This badge confirms that your account is authentic and official.

In 2023, the verification process on TikTok can be quite challenging, as the platform aims to ensure safety and reliability for all its users. The primary purpose of verification is to protect against fake accounts, false information, and unwanted actions, such as spam and fraud. Additionally, it leads to enhanced engagement and prestige.

Benefits of getting verified on TikTok

A verified account on TikTok comes with several advantages that make it special and appealing to content creators and the audience:

  1. Trust and authority: The verification badge (checkmark) next to the username confirms that the account is official and authentic. This creates trust among the audience, knowing that they are following a genuine personality, celebrity, brand, or company.

  2. Increased visibility: TikTok often provides benefits to verified accounts in its content display algorithm. Such accounts can receive more views and shares of their videos, leading to rapid growth in popularity.

  3. Priority support: Owners of verified accounts enjoy priority in receiving support and assistance from TikTok's customer support team.

  4. Collaboration opportunities: Verified accounts often have more opportunities to collaborate with other content creators, brands, or media companies. This opens up new possibilities for audience growth and content monetization.

  5. Protection against fakes: Verification helps distinguish genuine accounts from fake ones that might misuse your identity or brand for undesirable purposes.

How many followers do you need to get verified on TikTok?

There is no exact number of followers required for verification on TikTok, as the platform does not publish official criteria for this process. Account verification on TikTok depends on various factors, including not only the number of followers but also the account's popularity, authenticity, and uniqueness.

Traditionally, verification on TikTok is granted to popular and well-known personalities, celebrities, brands, and companies. These users often have a significant number of followers, but that's not the only factor considered when deciding on verification.

If you aim to get a verified account on TikTok, you should focus not only on increasing the number of followers but also on ensuring that your content complies with the platform's rules.

If you have accounts with a large number of followers on other social media, mentions in the media, a Wikipedia page, etc., it can significantly increase your chances of verification. In such cases, having 20-50 thousand followers may be sufficient for verification.

How to get verified on TikTok

Unlike other popular social media platforms, the process of requesting account verification on TikTok is not so simple. There is a special team dedicated to actively searching for bloggers, well-known personalities, and popular brands to grant them the verification badge.

It's important to note that account verification on TikTok is available for free. Any offers of payment to obtain the verification badge are fraudulent and dishonest. The only way to go through the verification process is to meet the community's criteria and capture the attention of the TikTok team.

Previously, the verification process was at the discretion of the TikTok team, and users had to simply wait for their account to be verified. However, now you can reach out to the support team and provide your information and achievements to increase your chances of a successful verification.

Write a support letter

If you are confident that your account meets the verification criteria, but TikTok has not reached out to you, then write to them directly.

Go to the form submission page, fill in the details, provide links to media mentions and any evidence of your popularity, and send the letter. 

Tips for a successful TikTok verification application

TikTok may deny you verification even if you have over a million followers and you are a well-known personality. There can be many reasons for this, and it all depends on the platform's decision. Here are some tips for getting verified on TikTok:

  1. Targeted Content: Define your niche and create targeted content that will be interesting to your audience. Focus on unique ideas and formats that set you apart from other creators. Avoid copying others' ideas.

  2. Collaboration with Verified Accounts: Try to collaborate with other verified users, brands, or well-known personalities. This can attract TikTok's attention and increase your significance.

  3. Audience Engagement: Actively engage with your audience, ask questions, conduct polls, and maintain a dialogue. A large and active audience can increase your chances of verification. Otherwise, TikTok may think your account is inactive or being managed by someone else.

  4. Network Trends: Apply current network trends, but do it with an original approach. Showcase your individuality by using popular content formats.

  5. Regular Posting: Consistently update your account with new content. Regular posting shows your commitment and dedication to the platform.

  6. Social Media Integration: Link your TikTok account with other social media platforms. Your activities on other platforms can influence your popularity on TikTok and validate your influence.

  7. Support from Other Creators: Try to gain support and mentions from other popular users.

Remember that verification is a privilege, and the process may take time. Focus on creating outstanding content and engaging with your audience, and as your account becomes more significant, your chances of verification will greatly increase.

is it possible to lose your verified status on TikTok?

Yes, in TikTok, you can easily lose your verified status. Verification on the platform is not permanent and can be revoked if the account does not meet the requirements or violates TikTok's rules.

Possible reasons for losing verification:

  1. Violation of platform rules: If your account violates TikTok's rules, it can lead to the loss of verification. Violations may be related to content, spam, fraud, or other prohibited actions.

  2. Decreased activity: If your account becomes less active and fails to engage the audience, it may impact the maintenance of verification.

  3. Criteria changes: TikTok may revise the criteria for verification, and if your account no longer meets the new requirements, verification may be revoked.

  4. Account suspension: If your account gets suspended due to rule or security violations, verification can be temporarily or permanently removed.

  5. Username change: If you change your username, you will lose verification, and you will need to earn it again.

To maintain your verified status, it is essential to comply with TikTok's rules and policies, maintain activity, engage with the audience, and provide quality and unique content. If you have a verified status, be vigilant and stay updated on rule changes to keep your account at a high level.


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