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YouTube Kids. A Popular and Profitable Niche

Content for children on YouTube Kids is a popular niche among vloggers and content creators. This niche has its own peculiarities, and earnings from children's content may differ from other content categories on YouTube.

At first glance, children's content may seem simple and straightforward, but it conceals an entire team, psychological techniques, and marketing campaigns. All in all, it's not as easy as it seems. If you've chosen the niche of children's content, you've likely made the right choice.

Benefits of children's content

Children's content on YouTube is extremely popular among young audiences and their parents. According to a CashNetUSA study, children's content is the most profitable in the world. Approximately 80% of children under the age of 11 also watch YouTube.

Children's content includes:

  1. Large audience: YouTube children's channels have a massive following. Millions of children worldwide actively watch children's content, including games, animations, educational videos, and more on YouTube.

  2. High view counts: Some children's videos on YouTube accumulate hundreds of millions or even billions of views, demonstrating a high level of interest and engagement from the audience.

  3. Interactivity and education: Many successful children's channels offer interactive and educational videos that help develop skills and knowledge in children. This includes educational songs, games, coloring activities, counting, and much more. In the end, not only do you earn money, but you also make the world a better place.

  4. Influence on purchasing behavior: YouTube children's channels also have a significant impact on purchasing behavior, as children may see toys, products, or merchandise advertised in videos and ask their parents for them. This presents an excellent opportunity for native advertising.

  5. Popularity among parents: Parents also actively use YouTube as a tool for entertaining and educating their children. They seek channels with safe and useful content that helps engage and educate their kids. Parents also use YouTube as a "calming and effective tool" to manage their children's uncontrolled activities.

It's important to note that along with the popularity of children's content on YouTube, there are also questions and challenges related to safety, data protection, and content control for children. YouTube takes steps to ensure the safety and protection of its young audience, including the introduction of YouTube Kids - a separate platform for children's content.

Content types

On YouTube, you can find diverse children's content that covers various topics and formats. Here are some of the most popular types of children's content on YouTube:

Animations and cartoons

It includes animated series, short films, fairy tales, and stories. Animated content captures children's attention with its vibrant visuals and interesting characters.


Training videos

Videos that combine educational elements with entertainment are popular. This can include educational songs, numbers, letters, shapes, colors, as well as videos dedicated to various sciences or explorations.


Children often watch videos that showcase gameplay, streams, and game reviews. It can be challenging for kids to achieve results in games on their own, so they find it more interesting to observe the gaming experiences of other players. The primary target audience is boys, and recently, mobile games have been gaining popularity among children due to their accessibility. Animations related to video games are also suitable

Unpacking and toy reviews

Indeed, videos showcasing the unboxing and reviews of various toys are also popular among children. It helps them learn more about new toys and make decisions about their preferences. This niche presents a good opportunity for earning through native advertising, as such videos often become trendsetters among children's toys.

The impressive view counts are a testament to their popularity, and video creators often use SEO tricks in their titles to attract more viewers:

Songs and music videos

Music videos with songs and dances, specially designed for children, can be very appealing and interactive. By combining animation, education, and catchy tunes, you can achieve amazing results!


Challenges are very popular among children. Bright examples can be seen with bloggers like MrBeast and similar content creators. One of the most popular themes in challenges is delicious and favorite food.


What's important to know

Here are several important aspects to consider before creating children's content:

  1. Safety and Compliance: It is crucial to create safe and age-appropriate content for children. Take into account age restrictions and adhere to YouTube Kids' guidelines. Avoid violence, cruelty, offensive language, and any other inappropriate content for kids.

  2. Engaging and Diverse Content: Aim to create interesting and diverse content that captures children's attention. Use bright and attractive visual effects, compelling stories, games, songs, and other elements to make your content engaging. The formula is simple: vibrant visuals + visual and musical effects + beloved and popular characters = success.

  3. Understanding Child Psychology: When creating content for children, it is essential to consider their age-specific characteristics and psychology. Strive to create content that fosters their cognitive, emotional, and social skills. Remember that young children may not distinguish between reality and fiction, so be cautious with the visual and narrative aspects of your content.

  4. Audience Interaction: Keep in mind that YouTube has prohibited leaving comments on videos with children. On one hand, this simplifies the process as there's no need to respond to comments or deal with negativity from people who may not understand the context. On the other hand, you'll have to rely solely on view counts and engagement rates.

How to grab kids' attention

Perhaps you have often come across VERY strange videos that don't seem to make much sense, and it even appears that such content could be harmful to children. Some bloggers have even created reviews of these bizarre videos. But we'll leave these questions to psychologists. The main thing is that children perceive the world slightly differently, and such videos garner huge views.

Let's reiterate the formula:

Bright visuals + visual and musical effects + beloved and popular characters = success

Make sure to include as many popular characters as possible in the title and feature them prominently on the thumbnail. Here are some examples:

How to publish content to YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is a separate platform, distinct from the main YouTube video hosting service. It utilizes the same video database but with filtering to exclude content intended for teenagers and adults. To add a video to YouTube Kids, you must first publish it on the main platform.

In the past, many videos automatically ended up on YouTube Kids due to safety assessments by algorithms. However, currently, when publishing new videos on YouTube, you need to specify if the content is suitable for children. In such cases, the video hosting platform carefully reviews the content and, if no violations are found, it is published on YouTube Kids.

For successful publication on YouTube Kids, it is essential to adhere to the platform's rules and principles:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the community guidelines to ensure your videos pass moderation and get published. Pay special attention to restrictions related to children's content.

  2. Plan video themes in a way that aligns with family-friendly viewing requirements. Create safe content and consider YouTube's regional peculiarities.

  3. When publishing new videos, go through self-certification, indicating whether the content is intended for children. However, do this only if it is genuinely appropriate for children.

How much children's content earns

On average, children's content earns $1-5 per thousand views. This does not take into account direct advertising, merchandising, a vast number of barter deals, etc. Each channel has its own income, and it's challenging to calculate the average earnings of all such channels, but we can consider specific examples.

If we take a few top channels with children's content, we can calculate:

  1. Ryan's World: Ryan's World's annual income on YouTube is approximately $26 million. This is achieved by calculating RPM (revenue per thousand views) at around $5 and an average number of views per video, which is 22.7 million. This means that each video generates over $113,000 solely from YouTube's advertising content.

  2. Diana and Roma: If the channel Diana and Roma earn $5 per 1,000 views, and one of their videos has over 200,000,000 views, then this video alone has earned them over $1 million. The channel has more than 500 videos with a schedule of 2 videos per week.

  3. EvanTubeHD: According to Business Insider, Evan earned $1.3 million from YouTube in 2021.

  4. Hulyan Maya: Children's toy reviewers earn over $1 million per year.

If we consider "average bloggers" who have an audience but no videos with millions of views, they earn an average of $300- $2000 per month. In general, the earning potential for such content is limitless.


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