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How to Remove fake Followers on Instagram and Is It Necessary?

 How to remove fake followers and bots

Most of the bots among followers on Instagram often reduce the account's statistics and its significance for an active audience. Many users at the beginning use wrapping so that the page is not "empty". After the profile has gained its active audience, the extra numbers among the subscribers only interfere with promotion, so people think about how to remove fake followers on Instagram. Also, the reason may be a "spam attack" by bots on your account in order to sell cheats, a test of the service, or simply the work of competitors.

Do I need to remove followers bots?

Besides other disadvantages, bots can negatively affect on trust of your potential clients and ad providers. If you think your profile is looking bad and suspicious due bots, don't hesitate to start cleaning the followers' list.

If fake or ghost Instagram followers don't interfere with your account, and you want to delete them just for yourself, think twice. There are risk of stumbling upon poor-quality results and unforeseen circumstances. Also, you should define for yourself who are odd follower: real bots, or just not so active subscribers.

How to spot fake followers on Instagram

Most of bots are "passive" accounts created by the program specifically for cheating. Usually such a profile doesn't have an avatar, photos, description, have a strange nickname, and many subscriptions. There are also bots with filled profiles of random existing or neural network-generated people. Such bots can be identified by non-standard nicknames, low activity (for example, 0 likes on photos) and all photos added by the same date.

Example of ghost followers on Instagram

Example of bots pages on Insta

Be careful by removing fake followers on Instagram, because not all such profiles are bots. Some people are not interested in Instagram and they create accounts for specific purposes of their own. Here are some tips:

  • Don't remove all commercial pages. Probably, such a page is not as interesting for you as a customer, but they can generate some positive activity, if your subjects are a little related.
  • It's not always useful to remove inactive subscribers. If the follower doesn't like or watch Stories, it doesn't mean he will buy nothing. Maybe he followed you to visit later, when it would be more up-to-date.
  • Some page-owners delete foreign followers, because they are not interested as clients. But such followers can still bring an asset and positively influence the statistics.

Common mistakes when cleaning Instagram bots

1. Don't delete all at once. One of the most common mistakes when you delete bots is limit on actions. Instagram algorithms can decide that something is wrong and cut the reach. Returning to the past activity level will not be easy. Some marketeers recommend delete not more than 100 fake Instagram followers per day, some talk about limiting to 1000 with an interval of 40-60 seconds.

2. Empty profiles. As we already said, an empty account doesn't mean it is a bot. Don't delete everyone in a row and check each account.

3. The problem will recur. If you decide to remove all fake followers on Instagram, you must be prepared for the fact that some bots will follow again. These cleanings are not onetime and must be done regularly.

4. Bots are not the main problem. If you want to remove bots to increase your reach, it may not always help. Unfortunately, account cleaning is not a magic pill. Analyze your account and see how you can further increase your reach and engagement rate. First, start posting quality content. For a detailed account analysis, we recommend the Popsters tool.

There are a few methods how to remove fake followers on Instagram account (your or other). Let's start with something simpler.

Bot removal tools for Instagram

Manual way to remove followers bots

It can take a lot of time, but it is a more strictly and reliable way to not delete real active follower. And of course, it's free. This method is suitable for small accounts.

There are 2 cleaning options:

  1. Go to your profile;
  2. Click on the followers number;
  3. Click on the "Following" button at the right of the nickname and "Remove".

Manual way to remove bots on Instagram

This method is the easiest and most convenient for manual cleaning.

Second way:

  1. Go to the follower's profile;
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the three dots;
  3. Click "Block".

Thus, the user can no longer see your account and disappear from the list of followers, and cannot subscribe again. If you don't want to block the profile totally, can click "Unblock" after. That way, the subscription to the page will disappear, but the person will not be on the blacklist. However, this method how to remove fake followers on Instagram has some limits.

Getting rid of fake followers

To save a time, you can collect lists of bots in a separate file, and delete them daily for a limited number.

Automatic cleaning method

The automatic way to clear your account from bots is the most convenient and fastest way. But be careful when using services and applications.

Applications for removing fake followers on Insta

If you still wondering how to get rid of bots on Instagram - applications can help in many cases.

The first tool for an automatic cleaning method is a mobile application.

List of top quality apps:

  • Instaplus.pro - Andorid. Removing bots and inactive followers;
  • Follower Manager - IOS/Android. Removing bots and inactive followersl
  • Followers & Unfollowers - IOS/Android. Removing bots, non-reciprocal and inactive followers;
  • Followers Tracker - IOS/Android. Removing non-reciprocal and inactive followers;
  • iMetric - IOS/Android. Removing non-reciprocal followers.

We recommend applications for small and medium accounts. For large profiles, it's better to use large services.


There are many services for removing followers on Instagram, and all high-quality ones are paid. However, some have a trial period.


SocialKit is a multifunctional service for working with an Instagram account, which includes target audience analysis, collection of statistics on bots, detection and removal of cheats. The convenience of the service is the automatic selection of accounts with signs of bots. SocialKit is paid, but there is a free demo version.

SocialKit - tool

InstaHero is an audience analysis service where you can check the quality and activity of followers, remove bots on Instagram and inactive users, and protect against spam.

SpamGuard is a tool for generating lists of bots and removing them. Perfect for large accounts, because there is an account of Instagram limits. It's also possible to work with multiple accounts at the same time.

SpamGuard white tool

Instaplus is a service created more for account promotion, mass liking and audience recruitment, but it also has the removal of cheated followers, collection of account statistics and mass unfollowing.

Instaplus - service for Social media

Before cleaning, and after, it is important to know how to detect fake followers on Instagram. Therefore, the following tools will also come in handy.


Services for detecting bots on Instagram

TrendHero is a service for searching and checking bloggers on Instagram. A large database of accounts, analytics of other people's accounts and posts will allow you to determine the quality of the audience of your profile and your competitors.

TrendHero tool

SocialBlade is a service allows you to determine the number of fake and real followers in Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and others.

SocialBlade tool for popular social networks

We hope you found this article helpful and learned how identify suspicious and inactive users and how to remove fake followers on Instagram account.

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