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Instagram Algorithms 2024: Video Reels, Reach, and Views

It's not a secret that Instagram stands as one of the premier online platforms for personal account or brand profile promotion and monetization. However, with the advent of the algorithmic feed, maintaining high reach and user engagement has become a more complex endeavor.

In this article, we delve into strategies for boosting statistics, accumulating profile views, enhancing engagement from both current and new audiences, and harnessing the algorithms of the social network to your advantage.

Elevating Instagram Views: Simple Approaches

Increasing the number of views on Instagram and enhancing your profile statistics is an achievement attainable through the implementation of various strategies and methods. The more promotion tools you employ, the higher the likelihood of achieving impressive metrics and bolstering your popularity.

Consistency in Content Posting

The algorithms are structured in a way that deems your activity on the social network as a crucial metric. Regularly sharing diverse content, including stories, profile posts, Reels videos, and updates, enhances your profile statistics. Conversely, a decrease in content frequency can result in algorithms showing your posts to a narrower audience.

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Calling to Action

There's a prevailing notion that Instagram is a social network centered around visually appealing content. With a myriad of consumable content available, users swiftly decide what captures their attention and piques their interest. Craft compelling calls to action in your stories and videos, prompting users to take notice and elicit a responsive reaction. Increased interaction with your posts translates to improved statistical metrics.

Determining Peak User Activity Times

A well-established fact about Instagram algorithms is that content gaining a substantial number of user reactions immediately after publication tends to be prioritized. These reactions include likes, comments, post shares, viewing over 75% of your video, or replaying it. When deciding on the timing of your content release, rely not only on personal perception but also on statistical insights. For instance, posting at night in a specific region may falter if a significant portion of the audience is inactive on social media during that time.

In the realm of Instagram, strategic calls to action and precise timing are essential components for optimizing engagement. Crafting content that elicits immediate responses and aligning your posting schedule with peak user activity times can significantly enhance your profile's visibility and overall performance metrics.

Instagram Stories
Consistent management of stories on your account has a positive impact on audience reach. To captivate user attention and keep them engaged in viewing your stories, it's essential to diversify content. Incorporate interactivity, apply effects and filters, tag other accounts, and include location tags.
Strategically managing your Instagram stories involves a dynamic approach, incorporating diverse content, interactive tools, and aesthetic considerations. The creative cultivation of your stories, along with the development of distinctive features, helps your account distinguish itself amidst others, contributing to heightened visibility and engagement.
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Reels videos have proven to be a highly effective tool for diversifying content on one's profile and attracting a new audience since their introduction. The high accessibility, widespread viewership, and low cost make Reels a winning instrument. There's a marker that allows you to gauge the likelihood of your video's popularity, and that's organic traffic.

Organic traffic is a metric where content creators don't invest additional funds in advertising and promoting their posts. A new audience is drawn in due to the audience's genuine interest in the creator's content. While predicting the exact placement in recommendations to other users and anticipating algorithmic behavior is impossible, increasing your chances is entirely achievable through several components. This involves leveraging trending audio tracks, incorporating your own, instantly engaging viewers within the first few seconds, ensuring high-quality video production, and presenting information with originality.

More about short rolls

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This summer Meta shed light on the intricacies of the algorithms governing the publication of Reels, divulging key engagement indicators.

The primary metrics include likes, shares, comments, bookmarking, and saves – fundamental actions signaling user engagement. It is crucial to showcase content that is more likely to elicit reciprocal reactions such as questions, opinions, saves, or sharing with other users.

The duration of video views is a pivotal metric, reflecting the amount of time a viewer invests in your video. Crafting attention-retaining techniques is imperative for short-form content, such as incorporating compelling text in the description that prompts users to revisit the Reel multiple times. Videos that are viewed for more than 25% of their duration stand a higher chance of reaching a broader audience. Consideration should be given to the length of the Reel itself; shorter Reels should exhibit higher attention retention in percentage terms.

The system relies on signals and probabilities, analyzing users' past actions and predicting the anticipated viewing time. Creating Reels of varying durations – both short and long – is essential. Algorithms will showcase them to different audiences based on users' previous behaviors. Users who frequently watch short videos and scroll through long ones will receive more short video Reels in their recommendations, and vice versa. To broaden your audience reach, alternate the length of your posted content.

A rapid scroll through a video is a red flag for Instagram algorithms, indicating user disinterest within the initial seconds. To retain user attention, meticulously plan the first part of your Reel, including a captivating title, intriguing beginning, and the proposition to showcase a "top" in various spheres.

Saving and using the audio track are critical indicators for algorithms. When viewers save the audio from your video and use it in their own creations, it contributes to their "Saved" items. Similarly, music from Reels becomes part of the popular sounds list, prioritized for users.

Author engagement is not only about audience activity but also about your actions on the social network. Therefore, it is advisable to actively respond to user comments on your videos and engage with content from authors similar to you. Liking, commenting, saving, and sharing Reels from similar authors increase the likelihood of making it to the top.

The "Interested" and "Not Interested" buttons play a role in shaping the Reels feed. Algorithms may hide or recommend videos on specific topics for 30 days based on user input, as they mechanically click "Interesting" or "Not Interesting" on the screen during feed viewing.

What other actions can further increase your reach?

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Craft emotionally resonant and situational content. Typically, such posts and videos garner a significant number of reactions, catapulting you into popularity and establishing you as a trendsetter.

Tackle current topics and be original. Even when utilizing trending sounds or references for your posts, infuse them with your unique ideas that set you apart. Adhere to the rule of capturing attention within seconds. Strive to thoughtfully craft the opening of your Instagram text or video to instantly captivate the user.

Implement geotags. This allows you to activate the search for your target audience in the specified location.

Services for promoting an Instagram account

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Sometimes, Instagram's internal tools may not be sufficient to consistently maintain high levels of views, audience reach, and the growth of new active followers. To address these challenges, there are services designed to fulfill specific tasks for content creators.

Scheduled Social Media Posting

SMMPlanner is a service for scheduled posts on Instagram, as well as on X, Facebook, and Telegram. The advantages of using such a service include the ability to manage an unlimited number of accounts simultaneously across one or several social networks, schedule and delete content at specific times, and edit images.

Social Media Analytics

Popsters is an online service for post and page analytics of competitors on social networks. It helps analyze the effectiveness of posts on any desired page in social media. This tool allows users to analyze data, generate reports for their own pages and competitor pages on social networks, identify user interests, obtain information on activity, determine the most advantageous time ranges for posts, engagement, and content evaluation. The service supports Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube, and others.

Hashtag Selection for Posts

Toolzu is a multi-functional service that includes hashtag search for Instagram. Users can input keywords, insert a post link, or upload a photo – Toolzu processes the information and generates a list of hashtags with frequency indications. Users can then select the most suitable hashtags or come up with new ones based on the generated ideas. Toolzu also provides lists of trending hashtags, cautioning against overuse. The tool is available for free.

Hashtagify.me analyzes the popularity of hashtags on Instagram and X over a week/month, providing a comprehensive report with dashboards, forecasts, and suggestions for effective promotion.

Influencer Interaction

Affable.ai is a platform for working with influencers. Users can utilize over 20 filters to find suitable candidates. Comprehensive blog analysis tools help determine demographic, geographic, and other audience characteristics, identify artificial inflations, and check the influencer's collaborations over the last three years. The platform facilitates streamlined interaction with influencers, measures the effectiveness of their work, and allows tracking trends and competitor campaigns.


Promotion on Instagram is becoming an increasingly crucial aspect of successful audience engagement. We have explored strategies and techniques to enhance user reach, delved into the workings of the social network's algorithms, and provided examples of services for optimizing account promotion.

Organic growth and viral content dissemination become more achievable when your approach is based on understanding algorithmic mechanisms and identifying the interests and needs of your target audience.

Remember, successful Instagram promotion is not a one-time event but rather a fruitful endeavor involving continuous work and monitoring of growth and interaction processes.

Therefore, continue honing your skills, stay abreast of the latest trends, and maintain authenticity in your content. With the right strategy, predefined goals and tasks, and ongoing analytical activities, you'll unlock new possibilities for your Instagram profile.


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