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The Best AI Design Tools that Will Make Your Job Easier

AI tools for design simplifying work

Neural networks are a powerful tool that can help designers improve the efficiency and quality of their work. By using neural networks, designers can create more accurate and realistic images, generate automatic layouts, and speed up the processing and analysis of large amounts of data.

Learn about some of the best AI design tools to help you save time, increase efficiency, and unleash your creativity more widely.

Artificial Intelligence can also help designers work with analytics and predict industry trends. In general, the use of AI opens up new opportunities for designers and helps them reach new heights in their professional activities. But where to find the right tool?

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Search for the best neural networks for designers

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1. Interior AI

Interior AI will help in creating interior designs

Interior AI is a tool for designers that automatically creating interior designs using artificial intelligence (AI).

With this AI design tool, you can quickly create and view different interior design options for different rooms using automatic layout generation and 3D visualization. Users can upload photos of their rooms and customize options such as wall colors, furniture, and accessories.

AI can help interior designers in several ways. Here are some of them:

  1. Accelerating the work process: using the service allows designers to quickly create different interior design options without having to spend time creating layouts manually.
  2. Improved quality of work: the service uses AI to create more accurate and realistic layouts, which helps designers get an accurate idea of what their designs will look like.
  3. Saving time and money: Using the service allows designers to save time and money on creating layouts, as well as purchasing materials and furniture to test ideas.

Interior provides a limited free version and several paid plans that provide more options.

2. Let's Enchance

Improving Image Quality with AI in Let's Enhance

Let's Enchance is designed to improve the quality of your images using artificial intelligence.

With service you can improve the quality of your images, increase the resolution, remove noise and excess, and improve the color scheme of your images.

The service uses neural networks that are trained on numerous images to determine the most effective ways to improve image quality.

That AI design tool supports uploading images of various formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and others. It is also possible to upload multiple images at once and improve them in one process.

The free version of the service allows users to improve the quality of images up to 1500x1500 pixels and up to 15 images per month.

3. Wonderslide

Wonderslide makes it easy to create presentations with a neural network

Wonderslide is an online AI design tool for creating interactive presentations. You can use the site to create presentations with animations, videos and other interactive elements.

The AI quickly finds the perfect design for your presentation project, which is ready to upload to PowerPoint and Google Slides in seconds. Change the design or color scheme of your slide with a single click. No unnecessary settings, the robot does everything for you.

Wonderslide has a 7-day free version as well as paid monthly and yearly subscriptions.

4. Fontjoy

Fontjoy using AI to generate fonts

Fontjoy is another AI design tool for easily creating fonts. It provides tools for generating font combinations that can be used in web design and other projects. You can select a single font and then autogenerate compatible fonts for use in headings, subheadings, and text.

The service also has features for customizing various text settings, such as font size, line spacing, and font weight, to create the perfect combination for your project. Ideal for automatically selecting harmonious fonts.

The AI gives you access to the basic features for free. However, you may need to subscribe to a paid version to access additional features, such as setting font blend options and downloading created blends.

5. Spline

Spline using artificial intelligence simplifies 3D animation

Spline is a set of AI design tools for creating 3D animations and rendering projects in virtual space. It allows users to create and edit 3D objects and animations without having to use complex modeling and animation software.

With Spline, you can create 3D objects, apply various textures and effects to them, and customize their animation. The service provides a simple and easy-to-use user interface that allows you to quickly create complex 3D objects and animations using drag-and-drop features and other intuitive tools.

You can save created projects in GIF, MP4, PNG, and SVG formats, making them easy to use in a variety of digital projects, including web design, advertising campaigns, and games.

That AI tool for graphic design provides a free, limited-edition plan that allows users to create and export projects in GIF format with a file size limit. Full access to the service's functionality, such as exporting projects in high resolution and in MP4, PNG and SVG formats, requires a subscription to the paid version. Spline has a 14-day free trial version.

6. Magician design

Magician design will be useful for creating animations

Magician is a AI design tool for Figma that introduces artificial intelligence into the designer's workflows to expand your creativity and imagination when designing.

Magician provides a collection of ready-made animation effects and design elements you can use to create your own animations. You can customize the parameters of each element, such as speed, color, shape, and so on, to create unique animations and visual effects.

With Magician you can create animations for various types of content, such as web pages, advertising banners, presentations, and even for social media. You can export created animations in GIF, MP4 and HTML formats, making them easy to use in various digital projects.

Magician has a free plan with a limited set of features, as well as paid plans with additional features and the ability to use the service without restrictions.

7. Logo makerr

An easy way to create logos with a neural network in Logo makerr

With Logomakerr, users can create their own logos using sets of icons, fonts, color palettes and other design elements. You can customize each design element to your liking and create unique logos that match your brand or company.

Logomakerr offers several ways to create logos, including using the "AI Suggest" feature, which uses artificial intelligence to suggest the most appropriate design elements for your logo based on the information entered about your company. Here is a very smart AI for website design.

Logomakerr also provides a library of ready-made logos you can use for inspiration or as a basic template for creating your own logo.

The free plan is limited to a set of features, the paid plan has a wider selection of icons and fonts, export in high resolution formats, and so on.

8. ConceptDrop

ConceptDrop AI service for hiring designers

ConceptDrop is a platform for hiring designers for freelance projects. The service uses artificial intelligence to connect marketing and creative service teams with the most appropriate freelancer for graphic design-related work.

A company can select specific parameters for a project, such as design type, budget and deadline, and then ConceptDrop connects with the right designers who can do the work. Feedback and progress monitoring features are available.

ConceptDrop is a pay-per-use platform, and fees vary depending on the type of project and features used.


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