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7 Best AI Copywriting Tools, All you Need for Writing text

Tools with artificial intelligence for writing text

While some are afraid of the power and unpredictability of AI, others use neural networks and make them work for themselves. Artificial intelligence has enormous potential to help copywriters with their work. With the help of such AI tools, copywriters can create quality content faster and more efficiently, as well as improve their skills and experience.


Catalog with AI tools

If you are looking for AI copywriting tools or for any other job - we suggest using Popsters AI search service.

How to use?

The search engine works based on a personal database, which is loaded with many existing, popular, and useful neural networks. The search is performed by keywords in English.

  1. Go to ai.popsters.com;
  2. Enter the keywords you need to work and click on the search button;
  3. The tool will give you a list of neural networks by keywords with a brief description and AI price (paid, free, etc.).

Catalog with AI for copywriting

From the search, we've selected 7 of the best AI tools for copywriters today, so you can pick the perfect assistant.

1. ChatGPT

ChatGpt ai for copyright

Of course, we should start with ChatGPT - the largest and most popular artificial intelligence today. And it is called that for a reason, because even though it is just a chatbot, ChatGPT is an important breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence and neural networks.

ChatGPT is a big language model trained by OpenAI to answer questions and provide information on different topics. The model uses deep learning and neural network technology to analyze text, understand natural language, and generate answers to questions.

To work competently with the tool, you must first learn how to work. Test different queries and find your golden mean. Once you manage to ride the neural network and find the perfect recipe, you'll see the results.

ChatGPT can help copywriters create new ideas for content, such as blogs, articles or advertising campaigns. A copywriter can ask a question about a topic they want to cover, and ChatGPT will suggest some content ideas on that topic. This also includes fact finding, headline generation, text correction and translation, and synonym searching.

The service is free, but because of the large number of users, it may not be available, so you can buy premium access, or find backups for such occasions.

2. Contents

Contents is useful for writing texts using artificial intelligence

Contents provides content creation and editing services for a variety of purposes, including writing articles, texts for websites and social networks, as well as content for advertising campaigns and marketing materials.

The AI tool for copywriting will help optimize the SEO of your text, generate text in seconds, pitch an idea and get rid of blank page syndrome, translate audio into text and vice versa, translate and localize content into different languages, and adapt content for different audiences and target markets.

The service itself is paid, but there is a free trial period.

3. Copy.ai

The Copy.ai tool harnesses the power of AI for copyright

Copy.ai is an online platform that provides tools to automatically generate texts for different purposes with different text styles. Copy.ai uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to generate texts that can be used for writing articles, product descriptions, texts for advertising campaigns, social media and much more.

Copy.ai offers several tools for generating content:

  1. AI Writer is a tool for automatically generating texts based on a given topic or keywords. Also AI copywriting tool can be used to create headlines, product descriptions, articles, and other types of content.
  2. Headline Analyzer is a headline analysis tool that helps improve the effectiveness of headlines and increase their appeal. Headline Analyzer evaluates headlines based on their length, frequency of word usage, use of emotional words, and other parameters.
  3. Product Description is a tool for automatically generating product descriptions based on specified product features and functions. Product Description can be used for writing product descriptions for online stores, Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces.
  4. Landing Page is a tool for creating l-pages. It provides ready-made templates that you can customize and used to create sales pitches.
  5. Tone of Voice is a tool that allows you to customize the style and tone of your texts to suit your target audience. Tone of Voice analyzes texts and recommends the appropriate style, tone, and use of certain words.

Copy.ai offers free and paid versions of its tools. The paid version provides more access to functionality and a larger volume of generated texts.

4. Botowski

Botowski will write texts using artificial intelligence

Botowski is a personal AI copywriter that provides a platform for creating chatbots that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to handle queries and responses.

With Botowski, you can create chatbots through ready-made templates for various purposes, such as automatically processing orders, answering customer questions, conducting surveys, sending out information, etc.

You can choose from a variety of targets: for automatic order processing, answering customer questions, conducting surveys, sending out information, etc.

Botowski also provides analytical tools for tracking user activity and chatbots' efficiency. The service offers paid plans with different levels of functionality and request processing volume. It is also possible to integrate APIs with other applications and platforms.

5. ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy is useful for improving sales texts

ClosersCopy is a platform for creating and improving sales texts. It provides tools to help copywriters, marketers and entrepreneurs create effective sales texts and increase conversions.

With ClosersCopy, you can create text for web pages, weblinks, ads, emails and other types of promotional materials. The service provides templates and ready-to-use wording to help you create texts quickly and improve their quality. ClosersCopy also has tools for analyzing texts and optimizing them for a specific product or service.

The AI copywriting tool adapts to each client and takes into account its characteristics, such as niche, target audience, product and competitors. A/B testing is also available.

ClosersCopy offers paid plans with different levels of functionality and support. A free trial version is available.

6. CopyMonkey

CopyMonkey platform uses AI for copywriting

CopyMonkey uses neural networks and deep learning algorithms to generate texts, analyze tone, identify topics and other tasks related to content creation. The AI copywriting tool provides templates and ready-to-use wording to help you quickly create texts and improve their quality.

With CopyMonkey you can create different types of content, including articles, advertisements, emails, product and service descriptions, posts for social media, etc. The service allows you to generate content based on specific keywords, topics or input parameters, making the content creation process more automated and efficient.

There are also analytical tools and A/B testing. CopyMonkey is a paid service, but there is a free trial period.

7. NeuronWritter 

NeuronWritter is useful for working with text

NeuronWriter can be used to create content based on set parameters, such as topic, keywords, style, and other factors. The service generates texts that can then be supplemented and edited manually.

The service also has tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), analytical functions for tracking the effectiveness of the created content and A/B testing.

NeuronWritter is great for creating text for a website and optimizing for Google search engine. Of distinctive advantages - very convenient and clear interface:

An example of how NeuronWritter works

The AI copywriting tool is paid with a free trial version that allows you to evaluate its capabilities before you buy.


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