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11 useful apps and software for Social media marketing specialist

Useful apps and software for Social media marketing

An SMM manager often has only one phone to work with, in addition to creative thoughts and creative approaches. We have made a selection of useful Social media marketing apps for iOS and Android, which will help you to work, simplifying many moments and making the content more attractive and professional.

My Feed - iOS 

Convenient app My Feed - for iOS

My Feed is a handy Instagram planner that automates and organizes your account.

In this Social media marketing app, you can move posts around, schedule post times, edit content, create posts, organize Reels, and choose new fonts for text.

The app is free, but there is also a Pro version.

Buffer - iOS & Android

Phone app by Buffer

Buffer is Social media marketing application for managing multiple accounts of the same social network at once. Available social media: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn.

The app can tell you when and what to post to make your content stand out. Also in Buffer, you can see statistics for each post you publish, schedule, and publish posts by time and date, and generally save a lot of time.

The free plan allows you to post up to 10 posts to any 3 accounts except Pinterest. The paid subscription allows you to serve 8 to 150 accounts on 6 social media, creating a "queue" of 100 to 2,000 posts.

Unfold, Mojito, 500+stories

Stories App Unfold, Mojito

Social media marketing apps for Stories are a very useful and handy tool for any SMM person. And this applies not only to Stories on Instagram but also in general vertical content for any social media.

The apps have many templates in the style of minimalism, classic, fashion and many others for all tastes.

Unfold - iOS/Android, there's a free basic version, and a paid version
Mojito - iOS/Android, free and paid version
500+stories - iOS, free and paid version

Mention - iOS & Android

Mention software for iOS and Android

Mention is an app for monitoring brand and competitor mentions on social networks. With it, you can track in real time what people on different platforms are saying about you or your competitors.

Mention is a paid service, but there is also a free trial version.

Mention is available on iOS and Android, but there may be bugs and problems with access, so on Android you can download a separate working version in apk, use the official website or analogues Mentions and Buzzcapture.

GoDaddy Studio (Over) - iOS & Android

GoDaddy Studio Over Software

Over, which has become GoDaddy Studio is a handy application for creating and editing visual content. Logos, photo editor, flyers, business cards, posters - all this can be found in GoDaddy Studio.

Free templates and a Pro version are available in the Social media marketing app. If you're looking for a simple and intuitive content app, this is a brilliant choice.

MailChimp - iOS / Android

MailChimp app for iOS/Android

MailChimp is Social media marketing application for working with email newsletters and more. Here you can manage lists, add new followers, create campaigns, as well as view and create reports. It's possible to create campaigns from your PC and send them out using the app.

Convenient and free Social media marketing app with the option to buy advanced features and try the trial version.

By the way, the same developers also have the Gather app, which allows you to send messages to followers and tell them about the company.

Keyhole - iOS & Android

Keyhole app to analyze hashtags, keywords

Keyhole is an app for analyzing hashtags, accounts, and keywords. The service shows the popularity of posts, the number of clicks, reposts and more. The app also allows you to see your own statistics and those of your competitors on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

There are 4 paid rates that allow you to integrate the tools of the service using API.

Trello - iOS & Android

Trello apps for digital professionals

Trello is a popular project management and task design service for teams. Trello's simple interface, integration capabilities, and accessibility have kept it in the top 1 task apps for years.

Trello makes it very easy to give tasks to your SMM team, set up a content plan, and share ideas. With this app, you're not likely to forget what you need to do.

Trello is free to use, but you can buy a paid version to expand its features and functionality.

VK Admin - iOS / Android

VK Admin software and application for community management

VK Admin is a handy application for managing VK communities. The service includes managing multiple communities at once, advertising campaigns, communicating with followers through group messages.

The Social media marketing app and software has many useful features, such as creating templates with frequent replies or push notifications. It's very useful if you curate several communities at once.

The app is official, so you can use it for free.

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