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AI tools: how to find the right for the job? AI Services Search

How to find AI tools, quick AI Services Search

2023 can be safely called the year of artificial intelligence. For example, chatbot ChatGPT has become the fastest growing service in history. 2 months after launch, the number of AI tool users reached 100 million, 13 million daily.

A neural network is a program with a series of algorithms that are used to process a large amount of data and solve a problem. The major difference between neural networks and other programs is that artificial intelligence works and generates like a person, at least as intended. Any neural network contains several "neurons" - simpler algorithms that interact with each other and learn, creating a result based on accumulated experience.

How to find the right AI tools?

To date, there are numerous neural networks that can help a person in his work. There are also many types, ranging from finding errors in the code to generating images according to the description. A team from Popsters, a social network analytics tool, created a new search engine I Look AI for searching for a neural network by the required description.

You can use the service for free at the link: ai.popsters.com.

Search for AI services

How to use?

The search engine works based on a personal database, which is loaded with many existing, popular, and useful neural networks. The search is performed by keywords in English.

  1. Go to ai.popsters.com;
  2. Enter English the keywords you need to work and click on the search button;
  3. The service will give you a list of neural networks by keywords with a brief description and AI price (paid, free, etc.).

SEO keyword search result:

How the catalog works with AI tools

Search result for the keyword marketing (search by associations):

AI services for marketing

Search result for keyword create image:

Help in creating creative images

Paid and free AI tools

The Popsters database includes both paid and free neural networks. Depending on which option suits you, we have added a yellow marking to the right to make it easier to work with:

  • Free - completely free AI. Typically, such services may not withstand a large influx of users, and may also be at the testing stage;
  • Free trial - paid AI with a free trial period. A great example is Midjourney, which allows you to try 25 attempts for free, after which it requires a subscription;
  • Freemium - a service with a free version with restrictions and a paid version with advanced functionality (for example, ChatGPT);
  • Paid - fully paid AI.

How to add AI service to search?

Anyone can offer to add any neural network to the AI ​​base. To do this, click on "submit" at the bottom of the screen, write the name of the service, link, comment, go through the captcha and send it for verification. The Popsters team will check your application and add the neural network to the search.

Expanding the tool base

What is a search engine for? Comment from the neural network

  • The use of AI tools has become increasingly widespread in recent years, as organizations and individuals look for ways to streamline their work and access information more efficiently. AI technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way we work, providing insights and solutions that were previously impossible to uncover.

    However, with the growing number of AI tools available, it can be challenging to navigate the landscape and find the solutions that are truly helpful for your needs. That's where the search across all AI tools comes in.

    The search of AI tools is more than just a convenience – it's a necessity in today's fast-paced and constantly evolving technological landscape. With the ability to search and access information from a variety of sources in a single, streamlined process, users can work more efficiently, make better decisions, and stay ahead of the curve.

This text was generated by ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI.

Types of neural networks

As the number of AI grows, people themselves may become confused about what they need. Therefore, we leave a small cheat sheet to make it easier for you to navigate:

Types of AI tools:

  1. Generation of images by description;
  2. Generation of video by description;
  3. Editing photos and videos (color correction, from black and white to color, improving quality, removing and replacing the background, turning photos into animation, etc.);
  4. Generating music from textReading text by voice;
  5. Editing audio;
  6. Editing text;
  7. Creating text;
  8. Editing text;
  9. Chat bots;
  10. Writing and correcting codes;
  11. Naming and creation of logos;
  12. Generation of non-existent people;
  13. And much more.

The most famous neural networks


Neural network ChatGPT

As we already wrote, ChatGPT has become the fastest growing service in history. ChatGPT is a multitasking AI as a chatbot that can carry on a dialogue and solve whatever tasks you give it.

ChatGPT differs from other neural networks in its ability to perform tasks in different areas. The neural network can issue basic program code, generate financial analysis, summaries of technical articles or scientific concepts, forecasts, personal advice and ethical answers to questions. In addition, it remembers the details of the dialogue with the user and avoids controversial topics.


Midjourney Service

Midjourney is an AI embedded in a Discord channel that can create images from a description.

The work of Midjourney is provided by speech recognition algorithms and algorithms that create images. To work, it is necessary to describe the plot in English, send it to the processing grid and wait for the result. After the result, you can upgrade a little, increase its quality and download.



DALL-E 2 is one of the most popular neural networks developed by OpenAI. AI can generate original images from text descriptions that look like real paintings.

DALL-E 2 allows you to upload your images and edit them with text. Thus, you can modify the image as you wish.


Gnod neural network

Gnod - search for music, books and movies to your liking. Gnod is an AI that communicates with everyone who enters the site, trying to understand his picture of the world. And then shares this knowledge with new visitors.

Gnod specializes in three areas: music, literature and cinema. If you share with him your preferences in any of these areas, Gnod can suggest what to read, listen to, watch.


Lensa AI tool

Lensa is a photo editor with which you can easily take beautiful selfies by adding face and body retouching to them.

You can upload your photo and Lensa will offer many interesting portraits with your face.

Check out Popster's selection of useful Neural Networks to make your work easier to see more useful AIs. Well, or just an open AI search engine.

Helpful AI tools for SMM

Jasper AI

Jasper AI Service

Jasper AI is artificial intelligence for content generation that can be used as an excellent assistant to a digital marketer. With its help you can save a lot of time and write any articles, texts, emails, etc. more efficiently.

Templates are generated using existing techniques with the help of SEO specialists and copywriters' advice.

Templates by Jasper AI


DeepL service

DeepL is an artificial intelligence translator. It can translate texts in 29 languages, and does it more effectively than, for example, Google Translater.

Besides the browser-based version, DeepL has dextop and mobile versions for iOS and Android. The AI tool can translate text directly as well as docx, PDF and PPTX files.


Postly tool

Postly is an AI that can plan, develop, and post content to social networks. It has copywriting, digital advertising, email, image and video editors, and more.

Postly works with many social networks, and many large companies are already using AI as an assistant (according to the developer).

Postly Features

Any AI-related idea

Trends in AI

As we have written before, AI tools are the real trend of 2023. People are both surprised and terrified by the power and strength of neural networks. You can take advantage of this to increase your reach and user engagement.

Create AI-assisted texts and tell people who wrote the post. Create variations of logos and mascots, create and invent. For example, the cab service Maxim conducted an experiment: it generated a mascot with the help of a neural network and posts on social media for a month created by the AI:

Taxi service "Maxim" created a mascot using AI


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