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A Selection of Useful Neural Networks to Make Your Work Easier

Neural networks are not only a trend and coverage but also real helpers in your work. New technologies capture more and more areas of our lives. Someone will be angry that the computer took away his work, and someone will make the computer work for the result of his own work. Introducing neural networks to make work easier.

The following text was generated by Balabol artificial intelligence from Yandex:

  • What is artificial intelligence for? Artificial intelligence is a new stage in the development of humanity. Currently, humanity is developing and using many artificial intelligence technologies, as well as creating new ones. But what is the difference between AI and other technologies? In fact, the answer is simple - that artificial intelligence is an independent mind independent of a person. And if you decide to buy a smart watch, then you will probably be interested in knowing how they work.

1. Creating images from text 

How often do you write on one topic and pick up images on the Internet? They may be off topic, repeated, and infringe on copyright. These neural networks generate images and drawings from the description you write.

Cosmopolitan and The Economist have already used DALL-E 2 to generate images for their covers:

List of neural networks for generating images:

2. Content generation - Jarvis.ai

Jarvis.ai  is a neural network for generating texts, letters, posts on social networks, advertising, etc. It's paid service, but it will help you create or edit ready-made content and save you a lot of time. Content is available in a few languages, so please make sure your preferred language is available before purchasing and using.

3. DeepCode - search for errors in the code

The pain of programmers can be solved with just one click. Artificial intelligence will help to scan the code and find errors. DeepCode knows Java, Python, JavaScript and GitHub, as well as about 250,000 algorithms.

4. Neural networks for video generation

The situation is similar to image generation, but here is the whole video. Some services create a video sequence according to the description, and some generate non-existent people for the video. Many large companies are already presenting their own developments, including neural networks from Google, Apple, Meta and others.

Another aspect worth considering is the integration of video call intelligence, which can significantly enhance collaboration and communication. By leveraging neural networks, such as the Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network (CRNN), we can optimize video quality and enable real-time interactions. CRNN combines the power of convolutional layers for feature extraction and recurrent layers for temporal modeling, resulting in improved video call experiences. To learn more about CRNN and its applications in video call intelligence.

List of neural networks:

5. Namelix.com — naming service

Coming up with a name for a company or brand is a hard job. There are many online assistants, but this one is artificial intelligence. Enter keywords, choose the length of the title and select options.

6. Lalal.ai - audio stack splitter

This artificial intelligence will be a brilliant assistant for musicians. AI can remove vocals and quickly separate music sources without losing quality. 10 minutes of free use, then - 15 euros for 90 minutes of processing.

7. Bigjpg - increase image size and improve detail

Bigjpg solves the problem of many bitmaps. AI surveys, increasing their size without compromising quality by increasing detail.

8. Neural networks for text generation

Working with text is a very painstaking work that takes a lot of time and requires knowledge. But neural networks have already been called, which generate the text and significantly it, including copywriting, shortening, etc.

List of AIs:


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