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TikTok Shadow Ban: Signs, How to Prevent and Fix It

How to prevent and fix TikTok shadow ban

Shadow ban is a nightmare for any TikToker. It's even worse if it's a waking dream. Since the beginning of the functioning of the social network, users have argued whether the shadowban exists or if it's a myth. Officially, there is no TikTok shadow ban, but that’s why it’s shadow, because no one will officially report about it.

What is TikTok shadow ban?

What is TikTok shadow ban mean

A shadow ban on TikTok in simple words is when an account was blocked without official notice, videos do not get into the recommendation feed, and activity on the video is significantly reduced in hashtag searches and on the account.

If you look deeper into blocking, it is an automatic process that the TikTok algorithm performs to temporarily isolate your content from users, because. it violates the community rules. This is a "temporary prison" for your account so that you get a warning, think about your behavior and correct errors.

Is my account in shadow ban?

TikTok doesn't notify you if your account is shadow banned. so it's difficult to understand. Often people confuse a shadow ban with a regular content issue. If your videos are not getting the views you would like, the problem may not be with your account, but with the quality of your videos. How to check TikTok shadow ban?

Signs of TikTok shadow ban:

  1. Views on the video have fallen sharply several times (for example, videos don't gain even 100 views each);
  2. Videos don't appear in the recommendation feed (FYP);
  3. No new followers;
  4. Deleting your comments on videos;
  5. Long video moderation.

How to check TikTok ShadowBan?

If you think your account is in the shadow ban, then try to check it yourself:

1) Look at the statistics on new videos. If the sources of views are mainly or only from subscriptions, then you are in the shadow ban. If more views from the recommendations, then everything is in order:

Traffic sources on TikTok

2) Check through another account. If you have a second account where you only follow yourself, or you have a friend who often sees your new videos in the recommendation feed, then check/ask the friend if your videos are in the main feed. If the video suddenly disappeared, then you are in the shadow ban.

How long does TikTok shadow ban last?

How long does TikTok shadow ban last

There is no direct answer to this question. Someone says that the TikTok shadow ban on his account lasted a day, someone claims the ban can last a month, but on average, users report that the shadow ban on TikTok lasts 14 days. In Instagram, as a general rule, the shadow ban also lasts 2 weeks.

How to get rid of TikTok shadow ban

Simple ways how to get rid of TikTok shadowban

Since there are official statements that the TikTok shadow ban exists, there are no 100% working ways to get out of it. You can contribute to the speedy removal of the ban:

  1. Just wait it out. Wait for the time to pass, post a test video in a day, a week, two weeks and a month and look at the result. When you realize that your account is free, you can continue to upload videos regularly.
  2. Remove videos that break the rules. If you suspect one of your videos violates the Community Guidelines, or if TikTok has blocked a video outright, then get rid of it.
  3. Reinstall the app. Some users claim that this helped. If there is nothing of value in your drafts, then try deleting TikTok and downloading again. At least you won't lose anything.

Best ways to avoid shadow ban on TikTok

 Why TikTok shadowban can happen? Don't break the rules of this Social network. It has a large child audience and random content, so the rules are very strict. No need to shoot violent, extremist, sexualized, etc. videos. Also, don't insult someone in your videos and use trigger words and trigger items (knife, weapon), especially for duets in which people often humiliate or mock the author of the video.
(Note: be very careful with duets. If the original video is not blocked and ignored by the algorithm, although it clearly violates the rules, then YOUR duet may be removed because the original video doesn't follow the rules).

If TikTok blocked your video, then try appealing the decision if you disagree. It may sound absurd, but if the appeal was accepted, and the video was unblocked, then it’s better to delete it anyway, because after the appeal, your account is still under supervision. It's better to get out of prison in a case that was canceled by the court than just to wait out the whole term. Legally, in the first case, the reputation will be cleaner, but in fact you still spent time in prison.

Don't spam with hashtags and only write descriptions that fit the video. Otherwise, TikTok may consider your actions as cheating.


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