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The 5 Best Alternatives to Instagress that Will Not Fail You

Best Alternatives to Instagress

You can entrust account promotion on Instagram to a specialist or do it yourself using specialized tools. Previously, there was Instagress but it doesn’t work anymore. We discuss why that happened and suggest Instagress alternatives tools, fully safe and not so safe.


Why Instagram Banned Tools such as Instagress

Instagram announced they will cardinally change their platform for developers in 2018. This will cause many promotional, analytical and posting tools to stop functioning.

The changes will be in two stages: First (starting July 31), developers will lose access to user’s subscriptions and subscribers lists. This will result in shutdown of tools that analyze social and demographic data, and parsers and other promotional tools will not be able to create lists for mass following and liking. Then (December 11), Instagram will prohibit receiving data of posts and personal profiles on Instagram.

Instagram has long been in a fight with “grey” promotion techniques. Since 2012, the Instagram software market has changed dramatically. Whereas users did not have much of a concern about the safety of their accounts before and could do a huge number of actions (subscribe, like, comment, unsubscribe) per day, later Instagram introduced limitations. Promotion specialists started to closely monitor the limitations to avoid getting blocked (and even then, many people thought about Instagress alternatives). Activities could be carried out much slower, to imitate natural actions.

Is There a Real Risk in Using Bots and Apps Like Instagress?

After the Instagram updates, audience attraction tools will not be able to work openly, which means they will try to loophole the platform. Using such tools will be very risky, because Instagram prohibited any automatic actions. If they are spotted, your account might be permanently or temporarily banned from performing actions (likes, subscriptions) or end up totally blocked beyond restoration – after using tools similar to Instagress, it will be quite useless to try to prove to the support that you did nothing wrong.

Alternative to Instagress: Fully Safe Tools

The new Instagram restrictions do not mean you’ll have to fully abandon tools to promote your account. There are safe tools that will help to attract new audience without risking to be banned. We discuss about best and safe Instagress alternatives below:

Sprout Social

This is a tool to manage all activities on Instagram. Using it, you can plan posting, manage comments, monitor hashtags and generate reports.
Sprout Social provides detailed account and posting statistics.
Account and posting helps to promote the account: you only work with efficient promotion channels and timely switch marketing activities.

Sprout Social can be used as an alternative to Instragress

Price: The minimum rate (suitable for independent work, other rates suit agencies or companies) is $99 per month, allowing to manage 10 accounts.


Popsters analyzes contents of social media communities, helps to promote an account and enhance subscribers’ engagement and activity. It's a completely safe alternative to Instagress, which has many other features.

The tool finds the most popular posts and shows what affects post’s success: time and date of posting, text length, post contents (picture, video or text) or other factors.

You can generate a report based on the analysis results and download it as spreadsheet or presentation.

You can analyze not only your own account but also competitors’ pages. Thus, you can find the most popular and discussed posts of other companies and use that info to better understand the audience and shape your content strategy.

Popsters will help analyze any accounts on Instagram, so you will find a lot of insights

Price: $9.99 per month. You may analyze an unlimited number of accounts.


The tool offers functionality for posting, engagement, comment monitoring and reporting. Quite a good option among Instagress alternatives. Using AgoraPulse, you can better understand your subscribers and therefore correctly define the target audience for new ad campaigns. The tool determines the most engaged subscribers and includes them in a particular category: Likers, Influencers, Ambassadors. Besides, you can classify subscribers in your own way: e.g. by occupation or relation to the brand (buyer, blogger).

In addition, AgoraPulse can reply to comments in real time owing to notifications of new reactions.

AgoraPulse tool like Instagress alternative will help to increase subscribers activity

Price: The minimum rate recommended for independent use is $49 per month. This allows connecting up to three accounts from different social networks (the tool also works with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms).

Alternative to Instagress — Automatic Tools

There are also other tools similar to Instagress that function automatically. Their use is less safe but much easier.


The tool promotes the account automatically. However, it doesn’t mass-follow (subscribe to a large number of accounts based on a list or specified criteria). 
Archie will like posts meeting the set targeting and hashtags. It also finds audience that will be interested in your profile by analyzing account’s hashtags, locations and subscriptions.

The tool positions itself as safe as it doesn’t subscribe and complies with Instagram limitations. When the platform is updated, however, the mere compliance with the limitations will not be enough to guarantee the account’s safety.

Price: From $19 per month at the minimum rate.


It is software to be installed on your computer. It does all the typical tasks: subscribe, unsubscribe, comment, search and parsing of content. It allows using proxy.

FollowingLike software that automatically helps to increase the number of Instagram subscribers

Price: $79 per one Instagram account for the entire time of use, $194 for unlimited number of accounts.


  1. Instagram monitors account promotion on the social media and fights mass engagement and automatic actions. Violators are blocked and fully lose access to the account.
  2. Despite the platform’s restrictions, many services still offer automatic promotion, but their use is unsafe.
  3. Safe tools that don't violate Instagram’s rules (which can be used as an alternatives to Instagress) will help to attract subscribers and get more likes and comments without risking the account.


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