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Analytics and Statistics for Any Telegram Channel or Chat

Statistics and analytics for any telegram channel or chat

Telegram reached 200 million active users per month. It is important for marketers to know what those people do: what channels they read, how much they text.

We look into how to analyze Telegram platforms and check statistics and analytics data using free tools.


What Platforms and Metrics Telegram Has?

There are two platform types in Telegram: channels and chats. They have their metrics and analyzing capabilities.

A Channel is a place where only author’s messages appear.

Indicators to measure in channels:

  • Subscribers;
  • Views.

A Group/Chat is a dialogue with multiple members

Indicators to measures:

  • Number of members.
  • Number of messages per day/month/etc.
  • Activity of each member.

Tools for Telegram Analysis

There are several tools for Telegram analytics on the market. We will discuss three of them: a channel analyzer, a chat analyzer and a content analyzer.

Channel Analytics in Telegram: Tgstat

It is a non-profit project gathering statistics for more than 14,000 Telegram channels. All the statistics of Telegram channels is open and can be viewed by anyone. The data are automatically updated every day.

The project’s website also has its rating of Telegram channels where platforms are divided in categories and compared with each other by several parameters: subscribers, growth rate, views, citation index. This data of important metrics greatly simplifies the analysis in Telegram. This data can be used for planning advertising in Telegram.

Tgstat provides the following channel statistics:

  • Number of subscribers;
  • Average reach of a post (only channel’s own posts are considered, without shares);
  • Average daily number of views (also without considering shares);
  • Number of shares: how many times other channels participating in the rating shared channel’s posts;
  • Number of mentions: how many times other public channels from the rating mentioned the channel under consideration;
  • Daily posting frequency.

Dynamics of the number of subscribers - Telegram analytics of channel


The tool plots diagrams based on Telegram statistics data. They can be replotted over various periods.

Useful Telegram stats: forwards and channel mentions

Limited functionality of the tool is available from @TGStat_Bot. It summarizes Telegram statistics.

Chat Analytics in Telegram: Combot

To analyze a chat, add Combot to it. The tool analyzes members’ activity and chat’s popularity.
It is available as @combot in Telegram. To view chat statistics in Telegram, call the bot in dialogue using the command /stat. It will send a link to your group’s statistics.

Combot provides statistics of Telegram for the following indicators:

  • Number of messages (all-time, daily average, hourly average);
  • Users’ activity (number of active users over selected period, daily average number of active users);
  • Chat activity: the diagram is plotted based on message number and length;
  • Activity by day hours.

Way how to view statistics of telegram channel - activity by day hours

Combot also shows in Telegram stats for any user, finds the most active members, number of days when users are active.

The tool has its own chat rating. The chat lists here are divided by country, and there is also a common rating for platforms from all over the world.

Content Analytics in Telegram: Popsters

Use Popsters to find the most popular posts and understand what content works best on the channel. The tool works with any existing channel. You don’t have to be the admin or add a bot to do the analysis on Telegram. This allows comparing different channels with each other: e.g., to study competitors’ activity or choose channels for ad placement.

The tool finds posts that receive the highest number of views or the highest visibility rate (VR). This metric evaluates the post’s degree of visibility, i.e. the percentage of subscribers who have seen the post.

On popsters.com, you can figure out and assess the best week days and day hours to post.

Moreover, Popsters allows exporting all the channel’s content over the required period.

In addition, the tool analyzes:

  • VR by content type;
  • VR by text length;
  • Number of posts by text length;
  • Number of posts by content type;
  • Relative activity by text length and content type;
  • Post views.

Easy way for content analytics on Telegram


You can study and make analysis of any Telegram metric for the required period:

The analysis of Vr metrics on Telegram


  1. There are different platform types in Telegram: channels and groups/chats.
  2. Telegram has few metrics to assess. These are subscribers and views for channels and members and activity for chats.
  3. Use Tgstat to analyze a Telegram channel. It shows Telegram statistics: views, subscribers, shares and channel mentions.
  4. Use Combot to analyze a chat. It calculates activity of each user and total chatting activity.
  5. Use Popsters to assess content. The tool significantly expands the possibilities of Telegram analytics. It finds the most popular posts and analyzes post success in terms of different parameters: posting time, text length, content format.


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