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Ways to Promote Your Small Business on Social Media


Promotion of a small business in social media is one of the major ways for the development of a small company and sales. 71% of SMBs use social media to promote and 52% post once a day.

Digital marketing has many benefits, especially for small businesses. Social media allows you to reach a specific audience and cover people with advertising on those sites where they spend a lot of time and spend money. This allows you to compete with big brands with a smaller social media budget.

Goals of SMM

Before promoting your business on social media, you need to understand why you are doing it. The major goals may be:

• Increasing sales
• Brand loyalty
• Recognizability
• Analysis of the target audience
• And so on

Usually brands don't focus on one goal and mix them up, but it is still better to choose the main one. For example, if you have a clothing store, then the primary goal will be to increase sales, and then regular selling posts should be added to the content plan.

Choice of social media

You shouldn't launch a promotion on all existing social media at once. It would be ideal to choose 2-3 suitable social media and focus on them first. You can make different content on different sites in order to "swap" the audience from one social network to another, pumping them in parallel, or you can choose similar sites for publishing the same content in order to reach more different audiences.

1) Select the main social network. It should be one of the largest platforms in your country with different content: posts, photos, videos, communication with the audience, etc.
For example: Facebook, VK, Instagram.

2) Choose an additional social network. You can mix the main social media, or add specific ones if your content differs from the usual.
Video: YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion
Short vertical videos: TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Reels
Text posts and instant messengers: Telegram, Twitter
Business: LinkedIn, TenChat

3) Target. After choosing social media, designing a profile and regulating content, use targeted advertising. Choose the right sites and hire a professional who will recoup your budget and help you achieve your major goals.
Advertising tools: Facebook Ads, Google ads, Yandex direct, VK advertising, etc.

Also, do not forget to follow the trending social networks. For example, at some point Clubhouse was popular. Brands that caught the "hype" gained an audience and were transferred to the main social media.

Content plan and strategy

Before you implement your plans, we recommend setting aside a budget and hiring a specialist to manage social media on behalf of your brand. It will help you draw up a competent content plan and choose the right strategy for developing your business on the Internet. Remember that an SMM specialist and a targetologist are two different things.

To draw up a strategy, you need to understand:

  • • Who is your target audience. Do a great analysis, look at the statistics in the social media and in the offline business database (if any), arrange polls and look at the audience statistics of social media. For example, the average audience on Facebook is people from 18 to 44 years old.
  • What are your goals. Sales, recognition, brand loyalty are different types of content and approach to the content plan.
  • Constantly analyze. One of the biggest mistakes is doing it blindly. Use analytics services, view statistics, compare results with competitors. We recommend using the Popsters service.
  • Learn the algorithms of social media. The better you understand how algorithms work, the better your results will be.

General tips and tricks

Variety of content. Mix different formats and don't post monotonous content. You can use the "golden formula" (40% entertainment and character communication, 30% branded and reputational content, 25% useful and expert, 5% promotional) or create your own.

Use storytelling. Read the storytelling article to learn more.

Increase conversion. Use various methods from the selection to increase conversions and funnels.

Create viral content. Viral content is a great way to get known.

Analyze competitors. For this task, the Popsters service is perfect.

Popsters can analyze 8 different social media:

You can select multiple pages at once and any period to compare yourself with your competitors:

You can sort by likes, reposts, comments, views, ER, ERView, VR, Date, there is also a post filter.


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